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This is for a contest on GaiaOnline. It's not finished yet. I think it should have a definate ending, since a lot of you seem to like the three words "Write more soon!" for stories that don't have definite endings. Sorry I do that to you. - sweat - It's just how it turns out. But if any of you'd like to create your own ending and E-mail it to me, that's be interesting.

Anyway, this is for a contest in which the word count is anything up to 21,000 words. So I figured I'd get this plotline out of my head in that contest. Ithas to be romance, too. I was going to use a story in which there's incestual twins, but decided I don't have it developed enough. Whereas this is wholly developed.

The title comes from a song by the band Better Than Ezra that I've been obsessing over for the past few hours. It sort of fits the plot.

"I remember running through the wet grass
And falling a step behind
Both of us never tiring
Desperately wanting "

Basically, this plotline is similar to that of RSVP. The same type of situation with being "marked." So this is chapter one.

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EDITED: 7/4/07-7/5/07


Damn, she could sure get herself into trouble. Not only was she being stupid by walking alone in that part of town, but she was also doing it at night. I was sort of surprised that she wasn't blonde, as human culture seems to find blondes as incredibly dim-witted people with no sense of what is sane or of what is going on around them.

So as I followed her inconspicuously down the street, muttering quietly to myself about her stupidity, I counted all the alleyways in which danger could be lurking. In which someone could be waiting to pull her in and rape her, claiming her first-born child as his for the side of darkness. In which someone could be waiting to kill her so neither side could have the child.

I had no idea where she was going. The streets in that part of town were so similar to a labyrinth that I wouldn't be able to tell my way back to my apartment. She was headed in the general direction of downtown, to the nightlife bars and clubs that remained open for all hours. She was twenty-three, just out of college, and destined to have my child. Literally. I did not like the fate, especially since my destined was stupid enough to go walking alone in the worst part of town. That and she had no idea who I was. Hell, she didn't even know I was following her. And I liked it that way. Wait until she needs to know before I reveal myself to her.

In the midst of my silent fuming, I heard her scream, jolting my mind back to the deserted street from which she had just disappeared. I bolted from my car and ran across the street to where she had been taken, yelling, "Miranda!" in hopes of getting a response from her so I knew which alley she was in. There was another scream, but not as a response to my question. I headed toward the alley from which it had come.

She was kicking and screaming for all she was worth (which was quite a lot in prophetic terms). But the man on top of her would not budge as he proceeded in ripping her clothes off.

I ran into the alley and pulled him off her, pulling a knife from my waist and holding it to his neck. "You leave her alone," I growled. Then I shoved him out of the alley and he ran. Which I had not expected him to do the first time I pushed him out.

Turning back to Miranda, I pulled my jacket off and handed it to her. She took it and wrapped it around herself, sobbing.

"Are you all right?" I asked, kneeling in front of her. I hoped the prophecy didn't choose that time to act up, and luckily, it didn't.

She nodded, pulling my jacket even tighter around herself. Sniffling, she wiped her eyes. "T-Thank you," she stuttered.

Well, I couldn't have her getting raped, now could I? "You're welcome," I replied quietly. "Do you want me to drive you home?"

She looked up at me, her eyes untrusting. But in a few moments, they changed and she nodded. Damn prophecy. It made both of us do things we normally would not do. Like she normally would not accept a car ride home from some guy who just saved her from being raped. And I normally would not move halfway across the country so I could live in the same city as her. But the prophecy is relentless sometimes.

After she gave me directions telling me where her house was, I found myself parked in front of it. It was not much of a house. Just a town house she shared with a college buddy. She opened the door and ran to the front door, saying nothing and taking my coat with her.


That Friday, no more than three days later, she decided to take a walk downtown again. Different streets, this time, but the same neighborhood, nonetheless. Again, I was following her with my car, headlights off, barely moving. And again, she screamed as she was pushed into an alleyway.

I was almost too late that time. The rapist was just about ready to do the deed with her. But again, I came to Miranda's rescue and pulled him off her by knifepoint. It was not the same man as the other night's had been, but I knew he was sent by the same organization. They would keep sending men out until one of them managed to get Miranda pregnant.

The new rapist did not run like the last one had. I almost had to stab him to make him go away. But he swore he would be back to finish the deed. As long as he was not castrated by his superior for not finishing it the first time.

Miranda looked at me again with more bitterness in her eyes. In the dim light from the streetlights, she looked beautiful. Her wavy brown hair was ruffled from the rapist's assault; her eyes were furious and scared. Her breathing was fast from the attack.

"What are you doing? Following me?" But her words were poison. And she was once again pulling my jacket tighter around her body. How nice that she would continue wearing it after she stole it.

"Aren't you glad I am?" I shot back. "Come on, let me give you a ride."

"I don't think so," she spat. "You could be just like them."

"If I've been following you, don't you think I would've done it already?" Even though we're destined to make a child together. "Come on."

She seemed to believe my answer, but it could have just been the prophecy again. She took the hand I offered and I pulled her to her feet and led her to my car.

I was not taking her home this time. Not to her home, at least. She did not even notice until I pulled up in front of the building. Then her anger broke loose.