Disclaimer: Much of this poem is sarcastic, in case I didn't make that obvious. I'm not writing this with the attempt to offend anyone, only to make a point, but if it offends you, you are free to say so. Also, the formatting might be weird, because it wasn't letting me upload this as a word document.
Turn your face to the sanitary sky
your many lives flash red and blue in your eyes
and i'm just trying to calculate
the value of those memories
and it's been this way for so many years
so we'll drown it all out by instilling new fears
propaganda carried in schoolyard jeers
(help stop a hate murder? kid we're not to blame
we fight our own wars, minorities should do the same)
and even though we stand here still the train is coming nearer
injected ambiguity would make things that much clearer
bail out before you hit the ground
and if you crash and burn just don't make a sound
we'd rather not face that reality right now
it's not against our sacred laws to bow
leave us our battles and infinite tomorrows
the world won't miss your badly rhymed sorrows
we live out in space and in this solar system
choking down capsules won't make you a victim
a vague meaningless code to mean radiation
a blank sunset over an imaginary nation
just another magazine ad
just another kid fad
you're already biased if you know the truth
because questioning motives is simply uncouth.