Something About Us

The story in which you are about to read is fictional, built up "memoirs" of a young man in deep infatuation. Love makes you do (Or even write, in this case) crazy things, yes?

NOTE: All characters in this story are based off of my friends, and myself but none of the names used are real. Oh, and please don't steal my story ;


-Words that are italicized are narration.
-Words that are italicized AFTER a character's name (ex. "Greg: What should I do?") are the character's thoughts, rather than words out loud.
-Words in a parenthesis are an action (ex. "(He said, while laughing)")


Love to many people is too strong of a word to use. It is true that love is a powerful word, in the sense that "love" is a strong, passionate feeling towards someone. But is it maybe that people in general---are afraid to feel so strongly about someone? Perhaps. But one thing that's for sure is that love can strike when least expected…and it hits hard.

Greg is an 18-year-old boy, with no direction in his life. He lives his life on a whim---doing things last minute, putting recreation before work and responsibility, and in high hopes that everything will carefully pick itself up. He is heavily into music, musicians, video gaming, and friends.

Until about three years ago though, he had never felt such an infatuation with any friend, then "Anne" showed up. He was to meet some friends at the local mall, and unexpectedly met her. He quickly came to like her---her vibrant "glow," her smile, her classiness, and her obvious beauty. Ever since then, he became very close to her, and began to call her "Princess" as a nickname, because he feels like she is one. His only problem is that Anne is already involved with someone else. Still, that never has, nor will stop him from telling her how he feels.

Fast forward, late 2007. Greg had moved out into an apartment complex in Cypress. He moved out with his brother and his best friend. He kept in close contact with his other friends, including Anne. Anne was going to a community college, while her boyfriend was going out of town for a Cal State college. Greg decides to give Anne a call, knowing of her recent depressed mood.

Greg: …It's okay, I know you're busy, I'll call you tomorrow Princess. Feel better, okay?

Anne: Okay, good night Greg.

Greg: I love you…you know that right?

Anne: Of course I do, I love you too.

Greg: I miss you, Princess. I hope I can see you tomorrow.

Greg decided to go out the next morning, perhaps stop by Anne's house, for a surprise visit. Her house was conveniently located near the mall, so he went there first to grab a new CD, and some food. He began to walk to her house, and quickly began to regret wearing a jacket. Regardless of the heat, Greg had always wore a mass amount of clothing---he was into the "punk" and "scenester" style, dressed in black jackets, Converse-like boots, spiked bracelets and collars, and even arm warmers. He used to have long hair, past his shoulders, but had to cut it for job purposes. His hair is jet black, and he now generally walks around with "bed head" or spikes his hair forward, past his face.

Greg: Oh man, I really need to get over not wearing my jacket, it's so hot out here.

He was coming up to Anne's house when he decided to call her before entering, just to make sure it's okay if he can come in. He noticed her in her second floor window, and called. Her mother answered, and he asked if he could speak to her. Her mother stated that she would be a moment, but then returned to say, "Oh, I'm sorry, she's actually not here."

Greg: Not there…?

Greg became very confused, as he was certain that he saw her in her window. He told her mother that he would call back later, and hung up his cell phone. He then thought for a moment, and went up to her door and knocked on it. Within a minute or so, Anne answered the door.

Anne: ?! Oh, h-hi Greg. What're you doing here?

Anne had a nervous tone in her voice.

Greg: I thought I'd stop by, say hi…you're mom told me you weren't home, guess she didn't see you…huh?

Anne: Yeah, she must've missed me I guess. Hey, I hate to talk and run, but I have to get ready and leave, I have some errands to run. Sorry Greg.

Greg: It's cool, I'll call you later.

Greg began to suspect that something strange was going on. He looked into Anne's hypnotizing green eyes, carefully. He noticed, what seemed like a worried and fretful look in her eyes. He decided not to ask---for if it were important, she would have told him about it…right?

Greg: I wonder what that was about? I hope I didn't make her mad or anything…

Greg soon headed back towards the mall, where he met up with his best friend, James. James was his best friend since 7th grade---he is not very tall, but not very short either. He shares many of the same interests that Greg has, which explains their good friendship.

James had notified him that their friend, Kristin, wanted to see them, so they got into James' Volvo, and drove off.

Kristin is a spunky 18-year-old girl, full of life and energy. Her love for art and theatre was what made her so passionate about life. She dressed however she pleased, and her hair changed so often that you could not describe it to someone without having to describe it again very soon.

Greg: Oh my god, I haven't seen you in forever!

Kristin: (She began to laugh) I know!

Greg and Kristin practically leapt into each other to give one another a hug, as they have not seen each other in about two months. James gave her a hug too, then the three continued into her large and lavish house. Her father was a neat freak, so they were quick to remove their shoes before entering the living room, and sitting down on the couch to catch up on old times.

Greg: So, I hear that you've decided to take up photography as a career path, Kristin? You know, your photography has always been great, but I have to say, I'm seriously shocked. You've been into theatre and the fine arts ever since I met you, what made you change your mind so quickly??

Kristin: Well, first of all photography is a form of art, Greg (She said, with a smile) The reason I decided to take up photography though is, well, the fact that I love it! And I realized that my previous dream, to move out to study theatre…well I would miss everyone here too much---friends, family, you know what I mean, don't you?

Greg looked down, almost as if he had realized something that had been bothering him for quite some time now.

Greg: Yeah, I do.

Kristin noticed the sad look in Greg's face.

Kristin: Greg…? What's wrong, hun?

Greg: Ah…it's nothing really. Just, me thinking too much, like I normally do, heh (He smiles, nervously) I guess I just miss Anne, that's all.

Kristin: MISS her? Greg, you see her almost every other day! If I didn't know any better I'd say you were conjoined or something!

James laughed and began to agree.

James: You know Greg I have to agree. That's a strange thing to feel about someone you see ALL the time. I know how much you love her, but isn't "miss" a bit overdramatic considering how often you see her?

Greg: Well…here, let me explain, and I hope this makes sense. Lately, for the past month or so, I feel like Anne…hasn't been "there," do you know what I mean?

Kristin and James shook their heads, as they did not follow what Greg was getting at.

Greg: For the last four years that I've known her, she's always had this, I guess indescribable closeness with me. But lately I feel like she won't even tell me the little things that bother her. In fact, I'm pretty sure that today, she tried avoiding me.

James: Avoiding? You? I doubt that, Greg. Are you sure nothing else is bothering you?

Kristin: If it's what I think it is that you're worried about Greg, then don't worry about it…you should be happy for Anne, okay?

Greg gave Kristin a very puzzling look, almost tilting his head in confusion. He had no idea what she was talking about. Kristin quickly picked up on Greg's face, and began to change the subject.

Kristin: Oh, I have to show you two the pictures I took during my trip to Mexico! Come on, we can grab something to eat afterwards.

James jumped to his feet to follow Kristin to her computer, but Greg hesitated. What was Kristin talking about?

Kristin: Good night you two, I'm so glad we were able to hang out today!

The two agreed with Kristin, gave her a hug, and walked towards the car. Greg stopped at the car door, and told James that he'd be a minute or two, that he wanted to ask Kristin something. Greg walked back up to her door, and knocked. She answered.

Kristin: Oh, did you forget something, Greg?

Greg: Kristin…did something happen with Anne recently that I don't know about?

Kristin: What do you mean, Greg?

Greg: Earlier today, you said, "Be happy for her," Be happy about what?

Kristin: Oh, it's nothing. You know me, always making big deals out of everything (She chuckled, nervously) Well I need to get some sleep, Greg. I have work tomorrow. Good night.

Before she could close her door, Greg reached over and gently grabbed her wrist.

Greg: Kristin…what's going on?

Kristin looked down, and told him that he should come in, and that she'd explain. Greg phoned James, whom was still in the car, and told him he'd get a ride home from Kristin. James took off.

Greg: So…what's wrong?

Kristin: Nothing's wrong, Greg.

Greg: Something must be wrong, if I'm in the dark about something important (He said, with a bit annoyance).

Kristin: Sometimes Greg…it hurts to know the truth.

Greg: So Anne, you and even some of the others have been withholding something from me? Because everyone thinks I "can't take it?" (His voice grew even more irritated)

Kristin: Greg, I know you're upset, but don't take this out on me!

Greg looked down, then back up at Kristin.

Greg: No, no you're right. I'm sorry, really I am. I don't mean to snap, I'm just worried that something bad is happening, and I don't even know it.

Kristin showed no change in her face, acknowledging his assumption to be fact.

Greg: Kristin…Is something wrong?

Kristin: Greg…there's no easy way to say this, but…

Greg: …But?

Kristin: Daniel, Anne's boyfriend…

Greg: …Yes? (He asked, impatiently)

Kristin: …Daniel asked Anne to marry him.

Greg snickered, and then burst out into laughter.

Greg: THAT'S the big secret everyone's kept from me? Wow, you guys really have no faith in me, thanks (He said, sarcastically) But look, I know he plans on marrying her, she tells me all the time about how she can't believe that he's even thinking about marriage right now, what with-

Kristin: Greg…

Kristin leaned over and grabbed Greg's hand. He stopped talking immediately, and gazed at her, knowing there was more.

Kristin: Anne…she said yes.

Greg: …Yeah right. She wouldn't say yes, I know her, I know her.

Kristin smiled at Greg, hoping he'd be okay.

Greg: Kristin…

Kristin looked at him, ready to consol him if need be.

Greg: …She, she really said yes?

Kristin: …I'm so sorry Greg. I know how much you loved her-

Greg: "Loved?"

Greg cut her off, with some jealously and anger in his voice.

Greg: No, no see this doesn't change a single thing. Something's wrong, something HAS to be wrong. She would never say "yes." No, not now I know she wouldn't.

Kristin: Greg, look, I know we don't see each other very often, but I want you to know that I've taken fewer hours at work now. So I want you to do me a favor and take advantage of my free time to come see me, and hang out, okay?

Greg: No, no she WOULDN'T say yes.

Greg seemed like he was in one zone, in which nothing else around him existed at that very moment. He quickly stood up and began to demand a ride from Kristin.

Greg: Give me a ride to Anne's house…I'll straighten this out myself.

Kristin: Whoa, whoa, listen to yourself! You're acting crazy, Greg. You're just going to storm over there and force her to change her mind? Greg I say this because I care about you: You need to get over her. I know you don't want to hear that-

Greg: SHUT UP!!!

Greg yelled at her furiously, and stormed out of the house, only to stop in front of her house. He looked up into the sky…it was like a sea of stars. The nighttime was always his favorite time of day. It made him feel as if all those precious moments in life---being with family and friends, being happy---would never end. He came to his senses, and turned around, to see a very shocked and upset Kristin. She quickly shut the door, and he dashed up to it and opened the door before she could lock it.

Greg: Kristin, wait…please.

Greg quickly hugged her, very tightly. She tried to push away, but he apologized.

Greg: I'm…I'm really sorry; I'm acting like a jerk. I know it's not your fault, or anyone's fault. If anything it's my fault, for holding on for so long.

Kristin leaned back a bit, and looked at Greg. She put her finger over his mouth, to stop him from continuing on.

Kristin: Greg…I'm your friend, I understand, come on you know better than that.

Greg smiled, and hugged her one more time.

Kristin: …So, you still need a ride to her house?

Greg: What? Really? You don't think I'm making a mistake…?

Kristin: No, I do (She said, smiling lightheartedly) But…I also believe that love is strong, and you have to let it guide you sometimes.

Greg gave her a big smile. He felt like someone finally understood how he feels about Anne.

They quickly entered Kristin's car, and drove off.

Greg: …What am I doing? What I am even going to say? "Hey, I heard you're getting married---YOU CAN'T DO IT!!"…Married? No, no this doesn't feel real, or right, or anything.

Kristin looked over her shoulder, and saw Greg slumped over, looking out the window as if he lost his best friend.

Kristin: Greg, it's going to be okay. I promise. And if it means anything, I think Anne is very lucky, to have someone like you care for her so much.

Greg looked up at Kristin, coming out of his depressed state of mind.

Greg: Thanks Kristin…that means a lot.

They smiled at each other, then without warning arrived at Anne's house. Greg gave Kristin one last hug, and said he'd walk home. Kristin waved and drove home. Greg turned around, slowly facing Anne's house. He took a deep, long breath, and walked up to her door.

It was late, around 1 AM, he knew the only way he could get Anne outside is by knocking on her window, even though he knows that she hates it when people do that. He crawled over the bushes, the fence and shimmied his way alone the wall of her house until he came across her bedroom window. Luckily her light was on, and she was still up, reading a magazine. He gently tapped the window, and she jumped in fright! She looked at Greg, and let out a sigh of relief, then became very confused when he pointed for her to go outside. She went to the front door, and stepped outside.

Anne: You KNOW I hate it when people do that! And my god Greg, it's 1 AM in the morning what're you doing here??! Look whatever it is, I have to get some sleep okay? I'll call you later-

Greg: Why didn't you tell me?

Greg immediately ignored and cut off what Anne was saying to him, and she gave him a very puzzling look.

Greg: I talked to Kristin today…when did Daniel ask you?

Anne: …I think you should go, Greg.

Greg: You can't even give me that?

Anne looked down, and then looked back up at Greg. A little tear rolled down her cheek, as she wiped it off.

Anne: Two weeks ago.

Greg: And you never told me? And never planned on-

Anne: Of course I was going to tell you, Greg. I just…didn't want to tell you now. And I'm very sorry you had to find out the way you did.

Greg: Me too…I always thought I could trust you to tell me anything.

Anne: Oh don't give me that, Greg! You know perfectly well why I didn't want to tell you right away!

Greg: Oh yeah, because I'm terrible with bad news!!! My whole world is going to end because of THIS (Greg began to rant sarcastically) "This just in: Anne to be married, Greg found jumping off a building!"

Anne: Oh you're so FULL of yourself, Greg. The whole world revolves around you doesn't it?

Greg: Yeah, you know you're right! Everything's about me, me, me!

Anne: You act like you care so much about everyone, but in reality you're just always looking out for "number one" because no one-


Greg screamed at Anne, silencing her for about two minutes straight. All emotion left Greg's face; he had no idea what else to say. Anne soon broke out into tears. Greg's face grew with great worry, he then ran up to Anne and held her.

Greg: …Look Anne, I-

Anne: I love you Greg…I really do. You're very important to me, don't EVER think otherwise. But…honestly, I really thought this would all hurt you.

Greg grew very silent, and looked into Anne's eyes.

Greg: …And you were right. I'm sorry I came over here, I didn't mean to upset you…but then again what did I expect? I have trouble not thinking things over (He said, smiling lightly).

They let go of each other, and Anne said good night to him, that they'd talk about it later in the week. She walked into her house and turned around to close the door, but Greg quickly pushed it open a little.

Greg: Do you love him?

Anne: …Yes Greg, I do.

She closed the door. She could hear Greg ask one last question through the door, before going to sleep.

Greg: …But are you, in love with him?


This will probably only be a 2 or 3 parter, so I hope the fact that this was quite long does not bother anyone.

Why did I write this? Well, to be dreadfully honest, this is practically where I am in life right now. I mean, the whole "marriage" thing hasn't happened at all, but, I guess it's just something that I (unfortunately) feel is going to happen in the future. What can I say? I am madly, madly infatuated with this girl. Thanks for reading, part 2 coming soon.

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