Devils Candy

Part one


This is a short story on what ifs. What if Armand and Destin's mothers didn't die? What if Destin mother married a man who took her home, and helped her reconcile with her parents? What if Armand's father didn't smoke himself to death? This is what would happen.

This is a short story, it's going to be only about five to seven parts. This in no way impacts Heaven's Destiny or Finding Heaven. This is just something that's been in my head for a while. So please enjoy.



Destin Rarry glared at his mother as he watched the woman dress. He wanted to yell, wanted to scream until he was blue in the face. But he couldn't. He knew that. "Just tell me why?"

"Why?" Rosalie asked pausing to look back at her son. "Your father wants you to go to this party, and frankly so do I."

"My father, as you so generously call him, wants me to go to this party for one reason, and one reason only." Destin hissed glaring at the woman. "And that is to get close to some rich old bastard, and then kill him."

"Destin," Rosalie started setting down her eyeliner.

"Tell me," Destin yelled. "What has Armand Riesel ever done to him?"

"Armand Riesel," Rosalie spat the name as the small slender woman stood. "Has taken millions from your father, by dirty means more then once."

"Yes, like father is such a clean businessman as it is." Destin huffed.

"It was your father who brought me back to my parents, convinced my parents to take us back into the family." Rosalie rounded on her son, glaring at the redhead. "If it wasn't for him? Do you ever wonder where you'd be?"

"He's not my father," Destin crossed his arms over his chest. "I don't like the way grams looks at him, it's like she fears him."

"That's ridiculous," She laughed softly, moving towards her closet to pull out the dress she was wearing. "Royce has done nothing by helped my parents, and sent you to the best school."

"He's turned me into his very own little assassin," Destin hissed. "What kind of father does that?"

"You've never complained before," Rosalie replied walking towards him. Turning she held up her long blond hair so he could zip her dress.

"I wasn't asked to dress up like some girl, and try to seduce some rich bastard," Destin huffed as his mother turned to him. "And he isn't my father, I've looked through all the Rarrys', and there isn't a redhead in the lot."

"Perceptive little shit isn't he?" Royce Wilkins asked walking into the room. "You look beautiful love."

"Well, you wouldn't want any stupid assassins would you?" Destin asked glaring at the light ice blue eyes. He turned away while the man kissed his mother, before Royce turned to him again.

"Of course I wouldn't," Royce said. "But Armand likes pretty things, and since he's always seen with a pretty woman, you'll have to do."

"I hate to tell you, but I lack certain parts to be convincing, I don't have a vagina." Destin sneered watching as the man came closer. Royce was six feet tall and well built. Destin hated the man, but put up with him because the man was so devoted to his mother.

"That can be arranged," Royce grinned at the boy. "You really should go with Sally and let her get you dressed."

"I don't want to be a bloody girl," Destin yelled again. He ducked the slap aimed at him, glaring at his father.

"You will damn well do as I tell you, or by god I'll make you wish I had left you at school." Royce hollered, nodding to Sally.

"Fine, I'll play daddy's little puppet, but mind you," Destin grinned. "When Armand finds out I don't have a vagina, I'll be sure to mention your name before I kill him."

He hissed when Sally yanked on his arm, he turned to glare at the large dark woman. "Be quiet you ungrateful little shit."

"What do you and my father get together for names?" Destin asked trying to pull his arm from the woman's gasp.

"No more lip from you," She said pushing him into the bathroom with a smirk. "Make sure you shave everything."

Destin sneered at the closed door. He had no love for the woman who had helped raise him. She was essentially a very hard woman to please. He had been glad to leave for what his father called 'boarding school'. Getting into the shower, he was glad that he didn't grow much hair. He had luckily gotten his mother's build, and seemed to have her skin too. She rarely had to shave anything.


Destin tried to sit still as Sally put makeup on him. But he hated wearing the stuff, it smelled. When the woman leaned back and glared at him with large dark brown eyes he grinned a little. "It's not like I get much practice on this. I don't wear makeup."

"Listen Destin," Sally started softly, surprising Destin. "your father has done what he thought was best for you, first off you're small, so he made sure you could defend yourself. And you're pretty, so it's easy for people to trust you."

"He didn't have to turn me into his own private killer," Destin replied, dropping his eyes.

"But you're good at it," Sally replied seeing the boy look up. "And you enjoy it, you just don't like that he's calling the shots."

"And now I have to suck up to some old fart," Destin sighed. He would rather go back to London, where he was free to live his own life, and only have to fly when his father needed his 'skills'.

"You'll do fine, and then you can go back to London, and whatever is waiting there for you." Sally said as she finished his makeup. Once done, she helped him dress. It was amazing as they looked into the mirror. Instead of Rosalie's little boy, now a beautiful woman stood there.

"Jesus I look like mom," Destin muttered disgusted.

"Almost as beautiful as your mother," Royce said flowing into the room. He caught Destin's look of horror, before the boy shook his head.

"Lay a hand on me, and they'll never find your body," Destin replied, hearing his father laugh.

"You're not my type, boy." Royce replied shaking his head as he led his 'daughter' from the room.

Royce watched Destin as he walked, seeing the slight sway to the boy's hips. It would definitely draw the eyes of men tonight. And he hoped it was Armand Riesel. Taking the mink coat he draped it over his wife's shoulders. After a second, he took another fur coat and draped it over Destin's.

"Where are Grams and Grandpa?" Destin asked soft.

"Already left," Royce said leading them out of the house. They entered the limo, Rosalie and Royce on one side, and Destin on the other.

"Do they know?" Destin asked motioning to himself. Seeing Royce nodding, he had to ask his next question. "What's our time frame? And what exactly is my job?"

"Three weeks, and I want as much information as you can get." Royce replied softly. "I know you really can't sleep with him, unless he gets really drunk…"

"I will not sleep with him!" Destin hissed out glaring at the man. "I may be your assassin but I am not your whore, I will not sleep with someone I'm contracted to kill."

"Fine, but you have to be nice." Royce glared at him. "I want as much information about his father, and his father's business. I want to know it all."

"Why am I not going after his father?" Destin asked leaning back.

"Because Quentin Riesel is very devoted to his wife, and Rebecca would massacre you." Royce replied grinning. "And so you know, about two years ago, Armand started to date redhead."

"Oh don't forget, he's also dated a few women with green eyes, although most of them had auburn hair." Rosalie replied pulling out a compact to check her makeup. "See sweetie you're prefect, you have the red hair, and lovely green eyes."

"Great, why don't I get him to marry me, sign over half his company and then kill him on our wedding night?" Destin said sarcastically, but caught the smile on his parents' faces. "I was only kidding, my god you two."

"It would solve several problems," Royce said glancing at his wife.

"And I'd love a spring wedding, my little girl." Rosalie smiled at Destin. "My mother wedding dress is still around; it could be altered to fit you."

"You both are bloody mad," Destin shook his head. "I'm going back to London when this is done, and you can bloody well forget a wedding."

Destin crossed his arms and sat back. This was turning out to be horrible, and he was hoping that it would prove to be easy. Most men were easily manipulated by pretty girls. And if this Armand liked redhead with green eyes, then Destin would bat his eyes, and listen closely.


Armand looked around the ballroom, there were a lot of people mulling around. He really didn't want to be here, but his father had told him to be here. He tried to listen to the woman that, his mother had introduced him to a few minutes earlier, but couldn't seem to pay attention.

He looked away from the woman, his eyes following a slender waiter as the boy walked across the room. After a minute he turned back to the woman seeing she was still going on about something. He wasn't even sure what the hell the annoying woman was talking about, or even what her name was.

Excusing himself from the woman, he walked away but not before he saw the woman scowl. Shaking his head, he tried not to grin. He really didn't care if he offended the woman or not, he really didn't like her anyways. Scanning the room, he tried to see if there was anyone who he wished to speak to.

"Hey," Armand looked over, smiling at Allan.

"Allan, glad you could make it," Armand said grinning at his friend.

"I can't stay long, but since I do business with you and your father, I figured I better turn up." Allan replied. "I have a date."

"What about that British boy?" Armand asked amused as he watched Allan shifted from one foot to the other.

"Um well, it didn't exactly work out." Allan said softly. "He just didn't come home one day, and never returned to work."

"That sucks; you seemed to really like him." Armand replied seeing Allan nod.

"I always thought I'd spend my life with Linc, but it wasn't meant to be." Allan replied softly. Armand could see his friend shrug, and knew that Allan was very hurt by Lincoln's disappearance.

"Did you look into it? Try to find him?" Armand asked softly.

"Yes I did, he visited his mother and then left." Allan replied. "He didn't want anything to do with me, he left me a note."

"I'm sorry," Armand said not knowing what else to say. He watched as Allan shrugged again, before the man wondered off leaving Armand standing alone again. Scanning the crowd again, Armand wondered how long he would have to stay before he could leave.

"Armand," Jack Dynsit said coming to stand before the man. "Armand Riesel I'd like to introduce my daughter Stephanie."

"Ma'am," Armand said scanning the blond. She was tall; about five foot ten, with long blond hair and deep hazel eyes. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Daddy's been telling me all about you," She replied with a small smile. Armand tightened his grin, he hated when grown woman still called their fathers' daddy. It made him wonder what else Daddy did for them.

"All good I hope," Armand replied leaning to kiss her hand. She giggled softly as he looked at him, and he could see the gleam in her eye.

"Of course, Daddy said you were the most wanted bachelor in town." Stephanie giggled again.

"Well I wouldn't know about that," Armand said letting his eyes scan the crowd again. People were still arriving so that meant he would have to stay longer.

"So tell me Armand," Stephanie said taking his arm before he could get away. "What does a man like you look for in a wife?"

Armand was slightly startled by her question, and glancing over at her he wondered how to reply. "Well, um I guess I really haven't thought of it. When I meet the right person I'll know."

"Ah," the blond replied smiling at him. Armand smiled back, trying to figure out a way to get away from her.

"Excuse me, I should talk with the mayor and his wife," Armand said attempting to disentangle his arm from hers.

"Oh I'd love to meet the mayor." Stephanie giggled again, and Armand smiled tightly as he led the way. He introduced her to the mayor and after a few minutes snuck away. Heading down the hallway he slipped into the kitchen nodding to Mrs. Gates on his way to the patio.

Looking out over the yard, he wondered towards the pool. Dropping down into a chair he looked up at the stars. He really wished he could find someone he could settle down with. But his idea of that person and his father's were very different. He knew that his father was still miffed that he didn't marry that debutant from Texas. But the woman irritated him beyond all reason.

Sighing he sat back and wondered if he would be able to sneak away. And knew that his mother, would be beyond pissed if he did. And he didn't want to listen to her again, at least not since last time. A shutter ran through his as he thought on it. At least it was quiet out here.

"Armand?" Armand grinned, spoke too soon. He turned to his mother, seeing the woman was standing not far from where he was sitting. "I'd like you to come back to the party."

"Of course, mother." Armand said standing to follow the woman back into the house. Entering the ballroom again, he scanned the room seeing several people he knew, and a lot that he didn't. Seeing Stephanie headed his way, he looked for a way to avoid the woman. But even though he tried he couldn't, and soon found Stephanie attached to his arm again.

"I've been looking for you," She giggled, and Armand grimaced.

"Really?" He asked looking around from anyone he could pawn the girl off on.

"So, how about a date?" Stephanie asked seeing Armand look at her surprised.

"Armand?" Quentin said seeing his son turn to him. He could see a relieved look on his son's face, and glanced at the annoying woman, one that would never marry his son.

"Yes?" Armand asked seeing the look on his father's face.

"Can I have a moment with my son?" Quentin asked seeing the ditzy blond pout before walking away. Once he knew the woman was out of ear shot he turned back to Armand. "You are not dating that woman."

"You're right, I'd go nuts." Armand replied watching as Stephanie kept glancing back at him as she talked with her Daddy. "Besides, she not my type."

Quentin grunted, but didn't comment on what his son said. He watched as three people approached them, frowning since he knew Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins, but not the other woman. When they were close enough, Quentin noted that the redhead looked a lot like Mrs. Wilkins.

"Mr. Riesel," Royce Wilkins said shaking the man's hand. "You remember my wife Rosalie, and this is my daughter Destiny."

"Nice to meet you," Quentin replied softly, grinning at the girl. "My son, Armand."

"Hello," Armand said softly as he scanned the small girl. He had to admit, she was pretty. Her eyes where amazing, and girls hair was a unique copper red. She was small, standing what looked to be about five feet, but she had a pretty impressive set of legs.

"Hello," Destiny replied back smiling at the man. He had assumed that Armand would be old, but the man didn't look that old. Armand couldn't help but stare at the woman as his father started to talk business with Royce. He let his gaze scan the girl again, finding that she was appealing.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Armand asked seeing a pale blush rise on the redhead's cheeks.

"That would be delightful," Destin replied softly. He followed Armand towards a bar, letting his gaze scan the people around them. He noted the exits, and windows. He smiled as he took the wineglass that Armand was holding out. "My dad says you're in the hotel business?"

"Yes, with my father." Armand replied watching the girl delicately taste the wine. "Among other things, Riesel enterprises have been on the expansion."

"Ah," Destin nodded, looking up to meet the man's deep chocolate eyes.

"So, Miss Wilkins, tell me about you?" Armand asked, seeing surprise come to her eyes. And for a minute wondered why he had even asked.

"I'm working as a photographer right now," Destin replied smiling. He loved his job in London, and talking about made a small ping of loneliness in his chest. "I just finished my business degree, but wanted a chance to try other things."

"I see," Armand replied surprised. "Have I seen any of your work?"

"Not unless you've been to London recently," Destin grinned, knowing that Armand had not been.

"London?" Armand asked frowning. He watched as Destiny nodded, seeing the girl smiling at him. It was then he realized that while Destiny spoke with him, she refrained from hanging on him. That was points in her favor, he hated woman who hung on him.

"I also do a small amount of landscaping designed," Destin shrugged, figuring it would be okay to be honest about his job and hobbies. "When I was taking the photography class, I was doing landscaping pictures, and well found that I really enjoyed designing some of them."

"You must keep pretty busy then," Armand shook his head. At least this one had depth so far. And his availability or her trust fund hadn't come up.

"I do," Destin laughed softly, watching Armand. "My mom believes that a woman nowadays needs to be well rounded, and do a little traveling before even thinking of settling down."

"A lot of woman travel after the settle down," Armand said, he watched Destiny seeing the woman was about to reply when someone stepped beside her.

"Armand," Adam said grinning at him.

"Adam, Angelica," Armand nodded to them, before turning back to Destin. "May I introduce you to my sister Angelica and her husband Adam? Guys this is Destiny Wilkins."

"Ma'am," Adam replied shaking the woman's hand. He watched as Angelica also shook the girl's hand, and he noticed that Armand was watching the girl.

"You're Rosalie's daughter?" Angelica asked frowning slightly at the small redhead.

"Yes," Destin replied hating that his pleasant conversation with Armand had been interrupted.

"I wasn't aware she had a daughter," Angelica smiled, seeing a smile cross the girls face.

"I've been in boarding school, in England. When I graduated finishing school, I went to college over there for business." Destin replied keeping his smile in place. "I did a little traveling then ended up back in London. But my mom asked me to come back for a few months."

"How old are you?" Adam blurted out surprising the three of them. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, I'm twenty two," Destin replied fibbing a little. So he added two years, it wasn't that big of a deal. They chatted for a little long, before the conversation came to an end, but Angelica and her husband didn't leave.

"Would you like to see the library?" Armand asked, wondering why Angelica was hanging so close to him.

"I would be delighted to," Destin replied following Armand. Adam watched them walk away before turning back to his wife.

"That was strange," He muttered slightly.

"I know Armand barely ever stays in the company of any one woman for long." Angelica shook her head. "Did you see the way he was watching her?"

"Like he's surprised that she's real?" Adam shook his head. "She seems nice enough, and somewhat intelligent."

"But…" Angelica started only to have Adam shake his head.


Armand watched the tiny redhead with amusement. He had actually been surprised when they had entered the library; the girl had actually gone towards the books. And was looking at them, like they held treasures. In fact as he watched her slowly walk in front of the shelves he couldn't help but admire her legs again.

Her dress was modest, but it accented her body nicely. Most of the young woman he'd meet were always wearing dresses that looked like their large fake breast were about to fall out of. But not her, Destiny had small breast, and a trim body. Her hips were slender, but he had to admit she had a very nice ass.

"These are amazing," Armand heard her say softly, and found that he found her voice appealing too. It was slightly husky for a girl her age, but that's what he found so nice about it.

"They're worth a fortune," He said seeing her glance of her shoulder at him.

"That may be," She shrugged. "But the wealth of knowledge alone in here is mind blowing."

Armand grunted, watching as she turned back to the shelves. He watched as she tried to reach something on one of the taller shelves but fell short. Crossing the room, he reached up to slowly pull the book she was trying for from the shelf.

"Here," Armand said, and couldn't help but run his fingertips across her cheek and down the side of her neck. He saw her shiver slightly as another soft blush rose on her cheeks.

"Thank you," Destin replied looking up.

"Armand?" Quentin said coming into the library. He smiled at his son, and the redhead.

"I was just showing Miss. Wilkins the library," Armand said watching his father cross the room.

"I see," He said indicating the book the girl was holding.

"I should get back to my parents," Destin muttered, finding he was at a loss as what else to say.

"Actually your parents are talking to the mayor," Quentin replied leaning against the table. He had spoken to the girl's father, and liked what he had heard. "Your father tells me you have a business degree from the University of Cambridge?"

"Yes," Destin replied looking at the man. Quentin Riesel was an older version of his son, the man's eyes where sharp and for a second Destin was afraid he'd see past the disguise.

"Very interesting, it's a tough school." Quentin replied softly glancing at his son.

"I studied hard; my father is looking to expand his business to England." Destin replied. "And I was hoping to be placed there."

"Well it would seem there is a brain in the pretty little head," Quentin replied watching the girl's blush deepen.

"Father," Armand started. It was well know that Quentin expected his son to marry a woman who was intelligent. But he also expected her to have good breeding.

Quentin ignored his son. "I've also talked with your grandfather John Rarry."

Destin nodded, watching the man as he held the book in front of him.

"You come from a very old family, both your parents do." Quentin smiled at her; he knew that he was irritating his son. But well, he may have found the woman he wanted Armand to marry.

"Dad," Armand moved to stand beside the girl, he didn't need his father grilling her.

"I should really get back to the party," Destin said handing the book back to Armand. "Thank you for showing me the library."

"You're welcome," Armand muttered taking the book and watching the girl walk away.

"Armand!" His father hissed motioning toward Destiny.

"Miss Wilkins?" Armand said seeing her pause in the doorway. "Would you like to have lunch with me on Monday?"

"I would," Destin grinned, before nodding to the men and leaving the room. He couldn't help the smile the tugged his mouth.


Destin glared at his parents across the limo. "I have a date with him, on Monday."

"Delightful," Royce grinned, leaning back as he held his wife close. He watched the boy, seeing Destin was looking off out the window. "What's wrong Destiny?"

"Please don't call me that," Destin sighed, reaching up to rub his temple. He ignored his father the rest of the way home, wanting to glare but really couldn't. Once home, Destin headed up to his room as he started to strip out of his dress and under things. He made his way into the bathroom to shower the girly stuff off his body.

Standing under the spray he washed his hair twice to get the styling gel out. He wanted to curse his father, since he knew that Royce was aware that Armand was young and good looking. Destin hated the fact that he was attracted to the man, and not only that but almost forgot himself when Armand had touched him.

Turning off the shower, he got out and dried off before pulling on his robe. Going into his room, he brushed his hair before pulling on a pair of pajama pants and slipping into his bed. He would think on things in the morning, maybe a couple dates with Armand would prove all he needed, and he wouldn't get too attached. He hated it, really seeing himself there knowing that a few hours ago several men had tried to paw him

"Destin?" He rolled, trying to tune out the voice. He had just gone to bed, why was someone trying to wake him up already. "Come have breakfast with me kiddo."

"Okay Grams," Destin said yawning as he looked at the woman. He watched as the woman smiled before she got up and left his room. Getting up he pulled on a tee shirt, before heading down to the dining room. When he got there, he smiled; his grams and grandfather were the only ones there. "Morning."

"Morning Destin," John Rarry said eyeing his grandson. "We missed you, are you here for long?"

"Couple weeks from the sound of it, Royce has me on a job," Destin said moving to the sidebar to pile a plate with eggs and toast.

"Yes we know, Armand Riesel." John said watching Destin return to the table. As his grandson poured coffee for himself, John was going over the pretty girl that Destin made the night before. "Are you sure you're going about it the right way?"

"No," Destin whispered looking at them. "I don't feel very well about doing it, but there isn't much else to do; now that Royce has set this plan in motion."

"Just be careful," Eleanor told him.

"I will," Destin said as he started to eat. He let his mind wonder slightly about what lunch on Monday would be like.

"So tell us about England?" Eleanor asked grinning as she watched an actual smile cross her grandson's face.

"I love it grams," Destin started leaning back. "I have the cutest flat, and there's this blond that works at the corner, he asked me out just before I left."

"And how did that work out?" Eleanor asked laughing slightly.

"I had to cancel, he wasn't very happy, but I told him that it was a family emergency." Destin shrugged slightly. "I'll look him up when I get back."

"I hope it works out," She said, looking up when Rosalie entered the room. "Good morning Rosalie."

"Morning mom," Rosalie said dropping down. After getting a cup of coffee, she turned to her son. "Your father wanted to see you."

"Why?" Destin asked finishing his breakfast.

"He didn't say," Rosalie said turning to the food in front of her. Destin shook his head, getting up he picked up his plate to walk into the kitchen. Setting the plate down, he headed towards Royce office, knowing the man would be pissed if he put him off.

"What?" Destin asked coming into Royce's office. He saw his father look up at him, seeing the frown on Royce's face.

"Be polite, Destin." Royce hissed shoving a file across his desk towards the boy. Destin glared, but crossed the room to pick the file up. Opening he scanned the contents before looking back at the man. "I've already have a contract."

"Yes, but since that's long term and this should, only take you a couple hours I see no problem." Royce said. Destin shook his head.

"I have a lunch date with Armand; this is going to be cutting it close." Destin set the file back down, before he looked over at his father again.

"Just do it, I don't need lip from you." Royce sighed, moving to dismiss the boy. Destin glared, before grabbing the file and leaving the room. He again realized how much he hated the man. How he wished his mother didn't love Royce so much. Because, he could kill the man and not lose any sleep over it.


Destin pressed back against the dark ledge before checking his watch again. It was just after midnight, and the night staff had just left. So no one other then the contract was left in the top story apartment. Letting his gaze scan the area again, he noted the cars around.

Slipping into the room, his eyes widened when he realized what the condemned man was doing. George Hickelmen was watching porn, and jerking off. Destin laughed, he couldn't help it. It was completely disgusting, and yet the man was spread out on the sofa pulling at his cock like it was a rubber band.

Deciding to have some fun, since he was still pissed at his father, he moved closer to the man. "Having fun?"

George Hickelmen yelped, rolled off the sofa and then stood. His eyes wide, his hard cock waving in front of his body. Destin smiled behind his mask, letting his eyes scan the fifty year old dumpy body. "Who the fuck are you!"

"I'm the Devils Candy," Destin grinned moving towards the man. He watched as George's eyes widened, people knew who he was, and they also knew that once they met him they died.

"No!" the man hissed shaking his head. "I've fallen asleep in front of the TV and this is just a dream."

Destin paused, "At the way you were spanking that monkey, I doubt you'd fall asleep."

"This isn't happening," George let out a small hysterical sob.

"Sure it is," Destin held out his hand, seeing George's eyes widen a ten inch narrow blade slipped out into Destin's hand. "You've blackmailed, raped, whored, murdered, and that was just your wife and children. You betrayed your associates; you stole money from your company and your partners."

"Shut up!" George hissed moving towards the phone.

"Who wants you dead Georgey? Who wants to see you rot?" Destin asked advancing on the man. He knew the phone was dead; he had cut the line himself. "Who hated you enough to call me in? When a bullet from across the street while you jerked off to some cheep porn would have been so much more humane? Who did you piss off that bad?"

"I haven't done anything!" George hissed throwing his phone at the black clad figure.

"Maybe it was the wife?" Destin mused, "I know if you did that to me, I would have carved you up myself. You let your partners rape your wife, and stood there and watched."

Destin saw the man, pale and sweating watching him. It wasn't all that much fun anymore, because George didn't want to play. He could see the man was about to pass out, and well that just wouldn't do.

"I can make it fast," Destin moved towards the man, letting one leather covered hand run down the gray haired chest. He heard the man whimper, seeing fear in George's eyes. "Lay down face first on the bed."

George shook his head no, but found his body following the soft spoken command. He knew he was going to die, and he knew his sins were great. He also knew that this assassin was ruthless, and would hurt him badly before killing him. A yelp escaped him when he felt weight against his back, feeling as his bladder let go and he wet his bed.

Grabbing a handful of hair, Destin leaned over slightly to peer into the man's frighten eyes. "Just so you know, it was your daughter, well sort of. After she gave birth to the thing you put in her, the man who took her in called me. I told him I'd be glad to make you see the errors of your ways."

"But she looked like her mother!" George cried.

Destin yanked on the hair pulling a cry from the man. "But she wasn't, she was your fourteen year old daughter you sick bastard."

Shifting Destin pulled the man's head up as far as it could go, letting the blade of his knife draw over Georges chin. It cut, but not deep enough to kill, just enough to hurt. "Please!"

"You raped your own daughter," Destin shifted, moving to run the blade over the man's bare back. Once he got to between the man's shoulder blades, he very carefully sank the blade between the vertebrates. George screamed, but Destin pushed the man's head into the bed to muffle him. Once the screaming stopped, he pulled George back up seeing the man was barely conscious. "You sodumized your ten year old son, before letting your associates rape the boy. You know he died from internal bleeding from that rape. Men like you don't deserve to have children; did he look like mommy too?"

Slipping lower, Destin let go of the man's hair before slipping one hand around to grab the man's limp cock. He knew, since his cut had been so careful that the man should still have feelings in the lower part of his body. Squeezing the cock, he heard George cry out. Holding tight, he slipped the knife under the man, cutting off the offending appendage with one slice.

"Men like you," Destin whispered placing the tip of his bloody blade against the base of the man's skull. "They don't deserve life, and family."

"Please…" George's plea was cut off, as Destin pushed in the incredibly sharp knife into the man's head. Leaning he looked into the empty glass eyes, watching for several long minutes before pulling away. Glancing around the room, he noted that the porn movie still played, and with a small smiled slipped from his pocket a small piece of candy with a devil imprinted on it.

Placing it onto the dead man's back, he slipped out of the room to disappear into the dark night. The dead man wasn't found until the cleaning crew came in the next morning at six AM. The police were once again baffled since it was a secured building, and no one was seen coming or going.