Devil's Candy

Devil's Candy

Part Five


Destin leaned slightly against the blanket as he watched Armand repack the picnic basket. After finding out he was back, Armand had called and asked him out. He had picked him up, and surprised him with a picnic by the lake. Shifting he cringed slightly, he was still sore from the fight in the pit. However that hadn't stopped him from ogling Armand's well toned body.

"So, did you get everything fixed?" Armand asked, shifting to hold out a glass of wine to Destiny.

"Hum… oh yes." Destin said, grinning slightly as he took the wine. Taking a dainty sip, he turned to watch Armand lean back down beside him.

"When I spoke to your father, he made it sound dire." Armand said, looking over the woman. He let his gaze linger on her long legs that were encased in soft pale blue jeans.

"My father tends to over react when it comes to certain things." Destin said, grinning shyly as he noticed where Armand's eyes were.

"I see…" Armand said, sipping at his wine.

"This was nice." Destin replied, grinning as he looked around the beautiful meadow they were sitting in. Letting his eyes linger on the pond a short distance away he smiled.

"Why do I get the feeling that this is more your cup of tea, rather then dinner in Paris?" Armand asked, seeing her look back at him.

"Because I love the outdoors?" Destin asked, laughing softly. "And this place is beautiful."

"I'm glad you like this, I wasn't sure at first." Armand shrugged seeing the smile cross the woman's face. "I've never taken a date on a picnic before."

"Well, it's the best date I've ever been on." Destin said, sipping more of his wine. He knew that this would be his last time with Armand. And so, it was something he wanted to hold onto.

"You're very beautiful." Armand said, seeing those incredible green eyes come back to him. Reaching his hand out he touched the woman's face.

"Thank you." Destin said, softly dropping his eyes as he felt a blush cross his face.

"I've never felt his way about anyone." Armand said, seeing Destiny look at him again.

"Armand…" Destin started but stopped when Armand placed fingers over his lips.

"Please, let me finish." Armand said grinning. Removing his fingers he reached back into the basket to pull something out. He held it out to the woman, watching as Destiny's eyes moved to the box. "I want you to marry me, please?"

"Armand, are you serious? We've only known each other for a couple weeks." Destin said, feeling his hand shake as he reached for the box. He wanted the ring, hell he wanted the man.

"As I said," Armand said sitting up. "I've never felt this way about anyone before, and I'd be a fool not to jump on the chance."

"Alright." Destin said, his eyes widening as Armand opened the ring box.

"Alright?" Armand asked, seeing Destiny look at him again.

"I'll marry you, I'd be honored." Destin whispered grinning as Armand took the ring out of the box. He felt his eyes fill with tears as Armand took his hand. He knew his hands were shaking, but he was unable to stop them.

"Destin…" Destin placed a finger over the man's lips before Armand could finish his fake name. He just wanted to hear his name come from the man once. Leaning forward he pressed his lips to Armand's letting his hand cup the man's cheek. As the kiss deepened, Destin wrapped both arms around the man's neck pulling Armand as close as he dared.

"Shit." Armand muttered leaning to cup both sides of Destiny's face. He wanted to ravish the woman, he wanted to take her in the grass, to listen to her voice raise in passion.

"Armand." Destin said, pushing the man back slightly before they went past the point of return. "Armand we can't, at least not yet."

"Yeah I know, wrong place, wrong time." Armand said, grinning as he pulled back. He turned his attention to picking up the picnic stuff. Only partly keeping an eye on Destiny, seeing that she was trying to pull herself back under control.

"I should get home." Destin said, softly not really wanting the day to end. But he knew he had to, he had to let Armand go.

"Yeah." Armand stated as they headed towards his car, he knew that he needed to get her home before he did something he might regret later. The drive back to Destiny's home was quiet, the assassin was quietly trying not to think about what he would have to do.

Armand pulled to a stop outside of Destiny's house, looking over he watched the woman's pale face. Reaching out he touched her face, watching as she turned into this touch. "I'd like to see you tomorrow; we can get our parents together to announce the engagement."

Destin turned towards the man, knowing tears filled his eyes. He knew that there would be no tomorrow, but Armand didn't. Closing his eyes, Destin fisted his left hand, feeling the ring that rested there as a small sad smile found his face. "Can we wait until Friday? I um… I'd like to keep this to myself for a day or two."

"Why?" Armand asked, wondering if the woman had changed her mind. He could see the tears, knew that something was wrong.

"Because right now it's ours." Destin looked up meeting Armand's wonderful warm brown eyes. "I just want to keep it mine for a little while longer."

"Alright, Friday it is." Armand said, jumping slightly when Destiny's suddenly threw her arms around him and kissed him hard.

Destin was out of the car and up the stairs to the door in seconds, he had to put space between himself and Armand. Slamming the door behind him, he nearly fell to his knees as a sob was torn out of his throat. He heard footsteps as he slipped to his knees no longer able to keep himself up.

"Destin?" Royce asked.

"You fucking bastard!" Destin hissed, striking out. Royce staggered back, his eyes wide as his son tried to attack him. He suddenly saw Destin drop down again, could see the ring on his left hand.

"Jesus, he asked you to marry him." Royce said, his tone scheming. Destin struck out, his fist landing hard on Royce's face.

"I'm done!" Destin cried wrapping his arms around his waist he leaned forward.

"Destin," Royce started but stopped when Destin looked up at him. Tear streaked the boy's pale features. "did you fall in love?"

"Leave me alone Royce, I'll kill him tonight." Destin said flinching back when Royce went to touch him.

"Royce, let me." Eleanor said softly, kneeling down beside her grandson. "Destin, come on honey."

Destin nodded letting his grandmother help him up. He allowed the woman to lead him towards the stairs, and didn't realize where they were going until he was pushed down on his bed. He only vaguely heard her call for tea, and it was a short time later that the woman was pressing tea into his hands.

"Drink this." Eleanor said softly.

"Thanks." Destin replied just as softly as he drank the tea. Placing the cup onto his nightstand he curled into the bed to let out another sob. "It's not fair."

"I know sweetie." Eleanor said rubbing slow circles on the boy's shaking back.

"I've found someone I finally like, someone who I can love. But I can't have him because he thinks I'm a girl, and now that he'd asked me to marry him, I have to kill him." Destin said, shaking his head.

"Why do you have to kill him?" Eleanor asked softly, seeing the boy turn to her.

"Because it's my job, and, if he knew that I was a man, he'd kill me." Destin muttered rolling to his stomach. He buried his face into his pillow. It was a short time later that he felt his grandmother get up from the bed, when his door clicked softly shut he sighed. He needed to get some rest before the sun went down.


Destin stood outside of Armand's room, his feet balanced on the edge of the railing that ran around the balcony. He closed his eyes knowing that he couldn't feel the wind on his face because of the mask. But wished he could, he wanted to at least feel something before he had to kill the one man that had come to mean more to him then anyone else. Turning, he stepped down gracefully.

Slipping into the room, he waited a second for his eyes to adjust to the dark. He wanted to see Armand, just once more before he took the man's life. Pausing beside the bed, he scanned the rumpled blankets seeing that the bed was empty. With a slightly panicked looked he scanned the room, his eyes stopping on a door that just opened.

"What the hell?" Armand hissed his eyes widening as he looked at the black clad person in his room. He saw the person seemed to be surprised but had frozen. As he reached the figure, the boy suddenly came out of his stupor and rolled across the bed to the other side. Stopping at the end of the bed Armand turned to watch him.

Leaning against the bedpost he watched as the boy righted himself slowly. He could see that the black clad figure was watching him, but his eyes narrowed as the boy moved again, seeing something very familiar with the way the boy moved. Armand jerked back just in time to miss the kick, his eyes widened as he saw the gleam of the knife at the toe of the boot fly by him.

The knife sank into the wood of the bedpost, Armand watched as the boy tried to pull it back out. But saw he was stuck so he shifted and slammed the flat of his hand into the side of the boy's foot and heard a grunt as the knife broke and the boy stumbled back. All those years of taking martial arts training to combat the boredom of being a teenager had paid off.

"You've got the wrong house." Armand said seeing the mask covered head shake no.

Destin shifted his hurt ankle, but he couldn't think about that now. He needed to finish this before it went on too long, before his emotions for the man got loose. Shifting, he balled his fist with the intent to knocking Armand down, but was surprised when his attack was countered and he found himself tripping over a small elegant couch. With a low growl Destin pulled himself to his feet to glare at Armand through his mask.

Bouncing on the balls of his feet he watched Armand, wondering what the man would do next. Deciding that waiting wasn't the best thing to do, he attacked. Using his smaller size, he managed to land a few kicks to the man's ribs but Armand had managed to elbow him in the face more then once.

Taking a few steps back, Destin moved and swung his fist, but was surprised when his wrist was caught and he was yanked forward. Landing on the bed, he tried to scramble up to get away from Armand, but felt weight against his back, and he struggling to kick the man.

"Damn it." Armand hissed pulling back to flip the boy over. Shifting, he grabbed the leg that was trying to get around him to kick him in the head and saw the gleam of a hidden knife in the low light. Finding the buckles that held the boot on, he undid them before pulling the offending object off and tossing it behind him. He leaned forward putting the boy's leg up on his shoulder to press down. "Shell we find out who the fuck you are?"

Destin struggled, trying to get away from the man the last thing he wanted was for Armand to find out who he was. Shaking his head Destin continued to thrash as Armand's hand went to his head. Armand grabbed both wrists to bring the slim arms above the boy's head. Destin shook his head trying to keep Armand from finding purchase on the mask but it didn't work, and he stopped when Armand pulled off the mask and stared up with wide eyes at Armand.

Armand had expected the same blond from the pit, but what he found nearly stopped his heart before causing it to beat double time. Reaching up, he grabbed the black leather glove that covered the left hand and pulled, his eyes widened at the ring that winkled at him with a mocking glimmer.

"What the fuck Armand?" Adam hissed from the doorway, the noise had awoken him. Now he stood watching as Armand seemed to have someone dressed in black pinned to the bed. But Armand shook his head.

"Don't start Adam." Armand started letting one hand caress the finger that his ring encircled. Pulling back slightly he grinned before reaching down. "Jesus, you are a boy."

"Get off me!" Destin hissed arching up trying to throw the man off.

"Adam, get me the…" Armand trailed off glancing around the room. "phone cord."

"Why?" Adam asked as he moved towards the phone.

"So I can tie him up." Armand said, pulling back he flipped Destin again, placing the boy's arms behind his back as he watched Adam unhook the phone cord. Once he had the cord, he tied Destin's wrist before wrapping the cord around the boy's elbows also. Moving, he tied Destin at the knees and pulling off the other boot before finishing the cord around the boy's ankles.

"Armand?" Quentin inquired, standing in his son's doorway. His eyes scanned the boy tied up on the bed before his eyes widened.

"Fuck, look at these things." Adam said holding one of Destin's boots.

"Careful, they're sharp." Destin said his voice low and husky bringing everyone's attention back to him.

"Armand, you have to call the police." Quentin said watching his son. Armand shook his head no, his eyes on the boy on the bed. "Do you have any idea of who the hell that is?"

"Of course I do, this would be the woman I asked to marry me this afternoon!" Armand hissed back. He saw surprise come to the people in his room faces.

"You asked…" Rebecca trialed off, as she stepped around her husband. "you asked this person to marry you?"

"Yes, when I was still under the understanding that he was a she." Armand said. "I'm not calling the police."

"Call the police." Destin hissed needing to be away. And, there was the fact that he was tied up and didn't actually like it.

"No." Armand said glancing at the boy before looking back at his parents. He saw that his sister had decided to join them.

"He tired to kill you Armand!" Adam said pointing with the boot towards where the knife was embedded into the wood of his canopy bed.

"Yeah I tried to kill you, call the fucking police!" Destin hissed trying to wiggle free.

"Shut up." Armand said to him, glaring at the boy. He didn't want to argue with these people, and he didn't want this boy to tell him to call the police.

"I will you know, I'll kill you the first chance I get." Destin said letting his voice drop low and husky again.

"Shut up before I gag you." Armand said turning back to his father. "He tried to kill me, let me deal with this the way I want to."

"I agree with your father, call the police." Destin said keeping his voice low. Armand shot the boy a glare, before turning back to his father. "I'm not going to go easy on you as soon as I get free."

"Damn it." Armand hissed crossing the room to pull open his nightstand drawer. Digging around he finally found what he was looking for, with a grin he walked back to the boy and saw he was being watched.

"You put that thing on me, I'll slit your throat." Destin hissed, but the man only grinned. He struggled again, but Armand was stronger and soon the ball gag was on. Destin growled low in his throat, glaring at the man.

"I'm going to my apartment, I'll call you later." Armand said pulling Destin up. He leaned down and tossed the boy over his shoulder. Leaving the room, he headed down to the kitchen, and saw that Margaret was in the kitchen. He dropped the boy down onto a stool and shook his head. "I have to find something."

"Armand?" Margaret asked looking back at Destin. She could see a few small cuts on the pale skin of his face, and shook her head as she dug into the drawer to pull out some liquid Band-Aid and a packet of rubbing alcohol. Crossing the kitchen she slowly started to clean the blood from the boy's face. Once that was done, she applied the liquid Band-Aid. "There, all fixed."

Destin muttered, but he couldn't form the words because of the ball gag. He watched the woman move around the kitchen but turned when Armand came back into the kitchen.

"I fixed her face, Armand." Margaret said.

"His face, Maggie, you fixed his face." Armand said, and saw the woman look surprised between him and Destin. Then a slow smile crossed her face as her eyes settled on the boy.

"Well I'm sure it'll be okay." She said rubbing a hand across his hair as she left the kitchen. Armand grinned, and tossed the boy over his shoulder again before leaving the house. Opening the passenger side of his Ford car, he was careful when he placed the boy into the front seat. Buckling the boy in, he walked around the car to get into the driver's side.

The trip to the apartment was quiet, but Destin couldn't stop glaring at the man. Pulling into the parking garage he parked his car, turned off the engine he turned to look at his captive. He saw that the boy was glaring at him, and shook his head he got out of the car.

"Mr. Riesel?" Armand turned from helping the boy out of the car, turned and smiled at the watchman that was standing by the doorway.

"Hey Ben," Armand said, tossing Destin over his shoulder again. Walking towards the man, he felt Destin start to struggle, reaching up he slapped the boy's leather clad ass. He nodded to the man as Ben got the door, and walking he saw the guard push the elevator button.

"You… ah, are bringing a friend home?" Ben asked, leaning back slightly to see the person hanging over Armand's shoulder.

"Yeah, you could say that." Armand grinned as the elevator opened and he stepped out. Ben nodded to him before stepping back into the elevator. Unlocking his door, Armand pushed it opened and made sure to shut and lock the door before dropping Destin onto the sofa.

Destin landed in an undignified heap, glaring at the man, he watched as Armand walked away. He could hear something going on in the kitchen, and then after a few seconds Armand came back and sat him up. "I'm going to take that off, and then we can talk."

Destin held still as the ball gag was removed, and Destin found that his mouth was dry. Glaring at the man sitting in front of him, he raised an eyebrow. "Water would be nice."

"I can do that." Armand said, getting up to get the boy some water. Coming back into the room Armand held the water to the boy's lips. When Destin pulled back slightly Armand shifted and moved to sit in the chair opposite the boy. "Okay, let start off with your actual name."

"It's Destin Rarry." Destin said, and saw the man's eyebrow raise slightly.

"Rarry, like your grandparents and not your parents, right?" Armand asked, seeing the boy smile.

"I changed it from Wilkins to Rarry when I realized that Royce wasn't my father." Destin said, shrugging with that grin on his face. "You certainly don't tell a person who knows one hundred ways to kill you with a butter knife that he can't change his last name."

"Royce isn't your father?" Armand asked, when he heard the boy laugh, realized that Destin hand not tried to disguise his voice. He liked the soft spoken huskiness.

"My mother is blond and so is Royce, the Rarry's don't have a redhead in the bunch, so, you tell me." Destin said, shaking his head.

"So that's natural?" Armand asked, seeing the boy nod. "You're not a blue eyed blond like when you were in the pit three days ago?"

"You saw that, huh?" Destin smirked. "Nope, that was just the person I use when I want to go out."

"I see." Armand said, watching the boy. Destin has been a gorgeous woman, but he was even more attractive as a man. The boy's hair was down, no makeup on his face. "I'm going to assume you were contracted to kill me, and it wasn't the fact I asked you to marry me."

"You would be assuming right." Destin said shifting slightly. "My hands are going numb, could you please untie me?"

"In a minute. Who took the contract out on me?" Armand asked. Destin stared at the man, he wondered what his fate would be. He had hoped the man would have called the police so he had a chance of getting away.

"I don't know, the contract came through Royce, but the people who took it out… I just don't know." Destin said softly, closing his eyes.

"I haven't done anything that would warrant Devil's Candy coming after me. I haven't harmed anyone nor have I raped anyone." Armand shook his head. "So why do you have to kill me?"

"It's the contract, it's what I get paid to do." Destin said softly dropping his eyes from the man in front of him

"I always assumed that–from what I've read-you were always fair in your dealings with the people you kill." Armand said, watching silver green eyes come back to him.

"I try to be." Destin replied softly, shifting in his bindings.

"But not with me, you toyed with me, played me, and strung me long until I asked you to marry me." Armand said getting up to leave the room. He came back carrying a steaming cup of coffee which he sipped as he sat back down to watch the boy. "Is this your normal MO when killing someone?"

"No." Destin dropped his eyes again.

"So explain it to me why I didn't get the same deal as everyone else." Armand watched the boy and saw Destin fidgeting.

"I owed Royce, big time, and this is what he asked me to do." Destin said his voice shaking. "I thought it would be easy, steal a few of your father's business deals, slit your throat and be done. What I hadn't expected is for Royce wanting me to date you."

"I see." Armand frowned, leaning to place the cup on the table between them. "Is there anyway to find out who did this, and why?"

"I can look into it, if you'd like." Destin offered seeing the man nod. He watched as Armand got up and came around the table to sit down beside him. Raising an eyebrow he watched as Armand pulled a pile of papers towards them.

"You're going to need to sign these." Armand said moving to dig out a pen.

"What the hell is it?" Destin said, trying to shift in his bonds to look.

"The prenuptial." Armand said, moving to release the boy's right hand.

"What the hell would I want to sign those for?" Destin asked, leaning away from the man.

"You said you'd marry me, so that is what you are going to do." Armand smirked, seeing he boy pale slightly. "And make sure you sign your name, the right one."

Destin glared before leaning to sign the papers that Armand was holding the corner to. Flipping the page Armand pointed to a few spots that needed his initials and then another signature at the end. "There happy now? You made the cross dressing assassin sign the stupid fucking prenuptials that don't matter cause we're not getting married."

"You said you'd be mine, and damn it you're gonna be mine." Armand said moving to tangle his hand in Destin's hair. Kissing the corner of the boy's mouth he muttered he was sorry before covering Destin's lips with his.

Destin's eyes widened slightly, but when he tried to pull away, he found himself unable to as Armand's hand had tightened on the back of his head. When the kiss deepened, Destin let out a small moan, before biting down on Armand's tongue. He watched as the man pulled back, Armand's eyes were watching him.

"That wasn't nice." Armand said tightening his hand in the boy's hair.

"Don't do this." Destin said softly trying to shift away. But he had only one hand free, and Armand had his hair. "Please."

"You promised." Armand replied, bringing his lips back to Destin's. Deepening the kiss, Armand held tight until he heard a low moan escape the boy. Drawing back, he pulled Destin up as he stood, finding the zipper at the boy's throat he slid it down.

"I can't…" Destin said leaning back one hand coming to Armand's shoulder.

"Yes you can." Armand said, reaching to untie the boy's others hand. Slipping the zipper down, he pushed it back to the boy's shoulder. Leaning, he licked around the boy's pale shoulder, eliciting another small moan from Destin. Arching back, Armand grinned as he moved to finish untying the boy before slipping the leather outfit down his slender body.

Pausing at the boy's hips, he let his hand run down the boy's side slowly letting his hand pause at the lacy black underpants the boy was wearing. With a groan he leaned slowly licking around the boy's waist. Working the tight leather over the boy's slender hips he looked up to see Destin was watching him.

"I can't do this." Destin said, shivering in his underpants.

"Sure you can." Armand said standing to wrap his arms around the boy's slender form. Shifting, he scooped Destin up heading towards the bedroom.

"Please, don't make me do this." Destin said, looking at the man with pleading in his eyes. If he could get away there was a very good chance he could beat the man's ass. Plus he still owed him for that damn ball gag.

"You took the ring, you said yes, so that makes you mine." Armand said moving towards the bedroom. Going into the room, he set the boy back onto his feet.

"I can still kill you." Destin said seeing Armand smile.

"That is why I left that incredible sexy outfit of yours in the living room." Armand said. "You don't have the strength to beat me as long as I don't let you get more then an arm's lengths from me."

"I lied about my age." Destin said reaching for straws.

Armand laughed softly, he could see what the boy was doing. "Oh? And how old are you?"

"Twenty." Destin muttered seeing that Armand didn't let him go. "And, I didn't lie about not doing anything like this before."

"Oh? You've never slipped into some man's bedroom to assassinate them?" Armand asked even through he knew what Destin was getting at.

"I've never had sex, and what, you figure that you took my first kiss you get my ass too?" Destin hissed trying to pull away.

"Damn it." Armand muttered shifting to turn the boy and pull him close. Letting his hand bury in the boy's soft copper red hair he pulled Destin's head back. Leaning he latched his mouth onto the boy's neck sucking on the boy's skin.

"This isn't right." Destin muttered but he could feel his body melting against Armand. He couldn't help it because the man knew how much he turned Destin on. Letting his hands run over the boy's front, he stopped at the edge of the lacy panties again.

"I really like these." Armand whispered moving to let his hand run over the boy's lace covered ass. "I never realized that see that ass covered in black lace would be such a turn on."

Destin groaned, reveling in Armand's strength as the man easily picked him up and placed him on the bed as if he weighed nothing. He looked up as Armand's mouth toyed with the band of his panties, unable to form any thought in his head. He then noticed that Armand had shed his shirt, and his eyes widened at the expanse of yummy tan skin that showed.

"Armand." Destin groaned as the man slipped the panties from his body. He was achingly hard, and let his eyes slip shut, he couldn't look at Armand's face anymore. Suddenly the man's hands and mouth were all over his body, and the few working brain cells left shut down.

A soft moan escaped him when Armand kissed him again, the feel of the man's tongue in his mouth felt wonderful, and Destin found himself wrapping his arms around Armand's neck to pull him closer. He kissed Armand back, sucking on the man's tongue, but yelped slightly when he felt a warm hand brush over his groin.

Armand watched the boy writhe in pleasure beside him. Shifting slightly, he reached into the nightstand drawer to pull out the lube. Popping the cover, he managed to pour some over his fingers before bringing the hand to Destin's opening. He slowly ran slick fingers over the puckered opening. He watched as passion filled silvery green eyes opened to watch him.

Slipping a finger into the boy's opening, he watched as Destin wiggled and tried to pull away. But he soothed the boy with whispered words, and soon found the muscles around his finger relax. After a few minutes, a second finger joined the first as he went in search of the boy's prostate. When he found, it Destin let out a near scream arching off the bed his eyes wide.

"Like that, huh?" Armand asked, nuzzling the boy's neck. Pushing a third finger in, he felt Destin freeze, and let out a pained hissed.

"Ow…" Destin whimpered trying to roll away, but Armand kept him in place.

"Relax, all you have to do is relax." Armand said, licking at Destin's kiss swollen bottom lip. After several minutes, when the boy finally relaxed again, Armand pulled his fingers free. Moving, he slipped a condom over his swollen erection finally going to do what he had wanted to do since meeting this beautiful creature, he was going to lose himself between pale shapely thighs.

Pouring lube over his encased penis he moved over the boy, Armand hooked Destin's legs before lining up with the boy's prepared opening. Slowly slipping the tip in, he watched Destin's face scrunch in pain. Waiting from him to relax, Armand continued to watch the boy. As soon as Destin relaxed again, Armand continued to slowly push into the boy's tight body. Once he had filled Destin, he paused to lean and kiss the boy.

"Destin, look at me." Armand said, seeing the boy's eyes finally open to look up at him. Keeping his eyes locked with the boy's, he started to rock his hips, watching as Destin tilted his head back to groan. Destin could barely hold on as Armand brought him to new heights of ecstasy with each thrust of his body.

Crying out, Destin jerked when Armand touched his engorged cock. Feeling tension coil in his stomach, he let his hands tighten on the man above him. Destin groaned threw back his head as he felt his orgasm rip through his body. His mouth open wide as his eyes rolled back in his head. He was only slightly aware of Armand's groan, but felt the man's erratic movements.

"Are you okay?" Armand asked a few minutes later as he slipped out of the boy to take care of the condom. Destin nodded, his eyes staring up at the ceiling of the room. As he came down from his high, his mind started to work again. And he realized he had just lost his virginity to a man who was only exacting revenge for his deception about his gender. His eyes burned as he promised himself that he wouldn't cry. "Destin?"

"I'd like to leave now, if you're done." Destin said softly rolling away from the man.

"I don't think so." Armand said, moving to pull the boy back towards him to clean him up. Destin looked at Armand, he was tried and very cranky, he wanted nothing more then to go home and sleep. He jumped slightly when Armand touched his used opening.

"What the hell?" Destin hissed trying to pull away.

"I want to make sure you're not hurt, I got kind of rough at the end." Armand said softly as he checked the boy. Seeing that Destin wasn't hurt, and the boy looked tired, he finished cleaning them up then snuggled the boy in the bed. He noted how Destin laid stiffly next to him, but knew after a while the boy finally relax and his breathing even out.


Destin rolled, his mind slowly coming awake as the pain in his body let itself be known. Slowly opening his eyes, he held his breath as he looked around the room only to find himself alone. Sitting up, he studied his surrounding since he had been unable to the night before. He saw that two walls of the bedroom were windows. Swinging his legs out of the bed he looked around to see if he could find his clothing.

Muttering to himself, he didn't see his outfit, but found the white button down shirt that Armand had been wearing. Pulling it on, he searched for his black lace panties but couldn't find them even through he knew that Armand had taken them off in this room. Crossing over to the window, Destin looked down, and saw that it was a very long way to the bottom. With a shake of his head, he turned and left the room.

Looking around, Destin knew he needed to find coffee if he wanted to speak to Armand and it would be nice if he could find his clothing also. Glancing around the apartment, he found that it wasn't very big and paused in the doorway of the kitchen. Closing his eyes he inhaled the aroma of coffee as a smile split his face.

"I like seeing you dressed in my clothing." Armand said from behind him.

"I'm not talking to you until I've had coffee." Destin stated as he entered the kitchen and crossed to the coffee pot. He didn't even look at him, he wouldn't. He wasn't sure what Armand had planned now, but all he wanted was to find his clothing, go home, and pack his bags to go back to England. Pouring a cup of coffee, he was very aware that Armand was watching him.

"Come on." Armand said, reaching out to guide the boy out of the kitchen. Destin allowed Armand to usher him alone, and found himself in an office. Nodding to a chair Armand went around sitting at the desk his eyes still watching Destin as the boy drank his coffee. Hitting a button on is phone, he dialed and saw that Destin was looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Good morning, Wilkins incorporated, how may I direct your call?" a female voice said, Destin's face paled slightly as his mouth opened.

"Armand Riesel to speak with Mr. Wilkins please, it's very important." Armand said, his eyes never leaving Destin's. He could see that Destin was very surprised at what he was doing; as he waited he gazed into Destin's eyes.

"Mr. Riesel, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?" Royce asked, and Armand could hear the tremble in his voice.

"I have your daughter, Royce." Armand stated, grinning at the look on Destin's face.

"Really, I wondered why she didn't come home last night." Royce said softly, and Armand could hear something in the man's voice.

"Of course, I had a very pleasurable night with her." Armand said nearly, laughing as Destin choked on his coffee. His smile turned evil as he heard sputtering on the other end of the phone.

"Excuse me?" Royce hissed out. "I know my daughter, and she wouldn't willingly spend the night with you."

"Maybe not your daughter, but your son did." Armand said very softly, and saw Destin flush very red.

"What?" Royce hissed into the phone.

"Oh this is enough," Destin hissed standing up to place his coffee cup on the desk. "this is your fault Royce, I lost my virginity to this man last night! Not only do I get my ass kicked, but he found out I didn't have a vagina and figured that because I said I would marry him he had every right to take my virginity!"

Armand's eyes widened as he listened to the boy yell. He watched as Destin dropped back into his chair, the boy's breathing was harsh, and when he looked up again Armand could see pain in his eyes. He pondered at the source of it.

"Destin." Royce started.

"Don't you talk to me, you stupid bastard, when I get my hands on you you'll wish to go I never survived my training!" Destin hissed.

"Royce, I wanted to call and tell you that I plan on marrying your daughter," Armand said seeing Destin look at him. "and I plan on keeping your son also, nothing you can say can change that."

With that said, Armand hit the disconnect button, he watched as Destin muttered something before he got up to leave the room. Getting up to follow, he saw the boy was standing in the kitchen and his shoulder where shaking. Walking in, he wrapped arms around the boy. "Destin?"

"Why are you doing this?" Destin asked softly looking down at the hands over his stomach.

"Because it is what I want." Armand replied pulling back to turn the boy. "Did you ever wonder about my sister and her husband's reaction to you? To Mrs. Gates tolerance of you, but last night the woman smiled?"

"Kind of." Destin replied shrugging.

"It's because I came out to my parents almost ten years ago, and then all of a sudden, I was falling for this woman." Armand said smiling as he watched the frown play across the boy's face. "And last night, I was relieved, mostly because you were male, but because you didn't fake the attraction."

"You're gay?" Destin asked seeing Armand nod.

"But my father hated that, and he was determined to see me married to a woman, and he gave his blessing for me to marry Destiny Wilkins." Armand grinned seeing the so smile that crossed Destin's face. "Now, you are still going to marry me right? And not kill me on our wedding night?"

"I have no plan to kill you, and yes, I still want to marry you." Destin said feeling a huge weight lift from his shoulders. Letting Armand pulling him into his arms, he tilted his face up for the kiss the man offered.

The End.

Dark's Ramblings: Thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying the story.