Whispered thoughts blend together
In both calm and stormy weather
Hearts alike beat once in darkness
Likened minds in pain, a bittersweet caress

So much beauty and so much pain
Strewn across this world with so little gain
My heartbeat stills and races
My mind's eye swirls with faces

Life's footsteps seem to stumble
Life's footsteps seem to run
Life's fortresses seem to crumble
Life's lies slowly come undone

I see through your lies and whispered sorrows
I see through all the empty pain and forsaken tomorrows
My melody seems somehow unlike others
I am short on patience and short on brothers
I swing between despair and light
I swing between temptation and right

So spill my soul upon the pages
So may my words spill through the ages
Open the eyes and open the mind
And let the bandaged souls, here unwind
Wrappings fall
Trappings all

And open your hand
And gaze across this land
And tell me what is true