Chapter One:

The moment where the ties of fate became tangled…

And never were untangled.

It was… A typical Spring day. Warm and sunny. Birds chirping, the sun shining through the trees. While in the meantime, a school bell rings and dozens of middle school kids pile out of the double, glass doors, and run out into the streets, happily.

Among those many children are three in-particular, that I wish to speak to you about:

The one on the far left had long, black hair, dark eyes, and black framed glasses. She was very tall for a fourteen year old.

The one on the far right was a short, fourteen year old girl with short, choppy, dark-brown hair, golden-brown eyes, and held a white I-pod in her hands.

The one in the middle was a thirteen year old girl with long, brown, curly hair that came to the middle of her back, and hazel eyes.

All three of them were walking on a sidewalk, with light backpacks on their backs and the sun running across their faces.

"So Sam," The tall girl on the left started to say, "are you doing anything over the weekend?"

The girl in the middle, Sam, shook her head and pursed her lips together, as if dreading the thought.

"No." She answered.

"I'm not either." The girl with the I-pod said sullenly.

"Hm." Sam said. She turned to the tall girl and asked. "Why do you ask, Ambar? You doin' something'?"

Ambar shook her head as well. "I thought you were so, I didn't plan anything."

Great. Sam thought. Another three day weekend is gonna pass us up. This is pathetic. Her eyes widened as she felt a chill run down her spine.

She felt as if someone just spoke her name to the winds.

Sammiie turned to the girl on the far left with the dark hair. "Hey Lydia," She started to ask. "did you hear that?"

"Hm? Hear what?" Lydia said.

Sammiie shook her head and said to herself. "Nothing."

Before anyone could say anything else, a fork appeared in the sidewalk, divided by a white, picket fence. Sammiie took a few steps forward and waved, without looking back to her friends. "See you."

Ambar waved like a maniac on speed and yelled at her friend's retreating figure. "Bye Sam!!" She looked around for Lydia, who was already walking down the other road; her I-pod turned on.

"Bye." Lydia said softly. She wasnt really comfortable with goodbyes.


Sammiie sighed and looked at the sky. "Man, I hate boring weekends." She watched a single cloud pass her swiflty by.

"This is gonna be so boring."

If he knew how to read clouds, she would realize that they were running away.

Running away from something big.

"Talking to yourself, eh Sammy?" said a familiar voice.

Sammiie looked to her left and saw two girls walking with each other.

One was a short, Asian girl, with black, layered hair, and nice, black eyes. The other was the same height as Sammiie, with medium length, straight, copper-tone hair held tightly in a bouncy ponytail.

They both had the Sammiie's school uniform on: A blue skirt and a green shirt with Seton Catholic written on it.

"Regina! Fiona! Hey guys!" Sammiie called.

The one called Fiona, the Asian, patted her shoulder, saying. "That's okay Sammiie. I'm sure you'll grow out of it."

"Where you going?" asked the one called Regina.

"Home. Where else?" answered Sammiie.

Regina shrugged.

"We saw you alone on the sidewalk and wanted to say hi." said Fiona.

"Yeah, but we'd better get going. I have a quiz on Tuesday, you know?" Regina said, ready to leave.

Sammiie nodded, saying. "Yeah I know, but it's just an English quiz, right.? Nothin' too steep."

Fiona's smile got wider. "Yup!"

Regina made a pouty face, and crossed her arms. "Yeah, but I shouldn't even have to take it. Since I won't even be here next year."

Regina was from Louisiana. She had to come to Texas because her house was hit by Rita, a hurricane. She's going to go back as soon as the school year ends. Which wont be long since, 8th graders get out a couple weeks earlier than the rest.

"Oh, stop complaining." said Sammiie, rolling her hazel eyes. "If it weren't for Rita you never would've met us, and besides, the school year just started!"

"Yeah I guess…" Regina said with a sigh, and then grinned. "Hey Sammy…" She said walking behind Sammiie.


"Your tag is sticking out."

"Oh it is?" Sammiie tried to look over her shoulder.

"Yeah… Let me get that for you…" Regina pulled out Sammiie's shirt a little, and stuck a white bean down her shirt.

"Ah!" Sammiie spun around, a marker in her hands. She took off the lid, swung it behind her, marking Regina's smooth face. "Ha! I knew what you were doing. Wanted to go out of your way to say hi." She said skeptically. "Pft, yeah right. I didn't have my guard down this time!"

"You bitch!" Regina touched her face. "This is marker! I just put a bean down your shirt!"

"Yeah, but yesterday you marked me up with a marker pretty good. So that was payback."

The black marker went from the end of Regina's left cheek to the tip of her nose.

"That was yesterday!" Regina tried to sound angry, but wore a smile on her face.

During the very, very beginning of the year, Sammiie had found some beans in a science class and started a fight with Regina. She started to throw them and put them down her shirt. It was called: "The Bean War".

Ever since then, beans, and other things were thrown, and put down, Regina's or Sammiie's shirts. Soon it evolved from beans, to marking one another with marker or chalk. Whether it was on the face or clothes, it didn't really matter.

Sammiie un-tucked her shirt and began to shake it. Out came a small, white bean. She bent over and picked it up. "Ha, ha. Now I have a bean."

"So." Regina said. "I've got more in my purse."

Sammiie looked at Regina's blue purse. Damn! She thought. She looked back at Regina and smirked. "Gotta use 'em sometime."

"You're right." Regina grinned.

Sammiie looked at her puzzled. "Regina… Why are you looking at me like that?"

Regina's grin grew wider.

In a flash, Regina took out a bean, that she had been hiding in her clenched hand, and shoved it into Sammiie's mouth.

She began to cough while Regina ran off with Fiona, saying, laughing. "Kept your guard up, eh? Then how'd that bean get in your mouth?!"

Sammiie finally coughed out the white bean.

"Dammit." She whispered. She turned around to see the retreating figures of Regina and Fiona. "This isn't over!"


Finally, Sammiie found herself at her door. After the encounter with Regina, the trip seemed longer.

As she fit the key in the lock and opened the door, Sammiie felt that same chill descend upon her once again. She looked back at the empty street behind her too make sure no one was following her.

She looked at her feet, thinking about the feeling.

She looked up suddenly, but no one was there. Shaking the feeling off, believing that it was just her imagination, Sammiie walked inside her very caramel house…

To find that no one was there.

"Hey…. Anyone home?" Sammiie called out.

No one answered her.

"Great!" She said sarcastically and walked over to a wooden door, that led to her backyard. "Not only is this weekend going to be boring, now no one's home! So not only am I bored to death, I'm alone and bored to death!"

She let out a grunt and collapsed to the grassy ground. She put her arms behind her head and watched the clouds fly swiftly by, suddenly feeling oh-so calm.

Sammiie sighed peacefully, liking the nice, quiet moment she was having. And that's when she heard it:

A soft rustle of leaves and a bird's shrill cry.

Sammiie groaned in frustration and sat up.

What now?

She spied a blue jay struggling in vain to be free of the many trees in a corner of Sammiie's fence. She walked over to it.

"Hey there, birdie." She said softly. "You stuck?"

It just cried out louder, fearing Sammiie. She crawled into the woods. "It's alright. I'll get you out."

She pulled a thick branch out of her way and muttered to herself, "I have nothing better to do anyway."

She looked around for the bird, still hearing it's fettle cries, but slipped on a smooth rock. Sammiie tripped and fell face first with a scream.


She hit the dirt with an "oof!" and laid still. Her face was buried in the ground and her arms were ahead of her.

Why is this happening to me? All I did was try to help a stupid, little bird.

Sensing someone was near her, she sat up, not wanting anyone to see her in such an awkward position.

Her eyes widened when she saw who it was.