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Pronunciation's, Translations, and Honorific titles:

Baka: Japanese for stupid, idiot, or fool.

-Kun: is an informal and intimate honorific primarily used towards males. It is used by persons of senior status in addressing those of junior status, by males of roughly the same age and status when addressing each other, and by anyone in addressing male children.-

Chan: is the informal, intimate, diminutive equivalent of san, used to refer to female children, close friends (primarily female, but also male), and other persons with whom one is intimate. Chan may also used for adults as a title of affection.

Tennyo: celestial maidens.

Kaniin: A member of a clan

-san or -samma: is the most common honorific title, used when addressing most social outsiders, for example, non-family members.

-jiji: term for an old person… Its kinda.. Like slang, this term… I dunno. I'm trying my best here! Its not my fault these people use these endings!

Kiba: Kee-ba. Not Kai-ba. link to pick's here

Monea: Mon-A. Not Mo-nuh. link

Shojii: Show-je… How would you say it any other way? picture

Konoashi: Ko-no-aw-she.. Just like it's spelled! link here

Fujjin: Fu-jinn. Same as Shojii, just like it's spelled. Ha, stupid.

Kanto, Aklam, and all those other ones will not be posted since they didnt last long in the story.

I'm just trying to help you out!