Part 1

By Storm December

A/N: Khaoskit thanks so much for the review and letting me know about the spelling error!!! ;)

A/N: Pt.2 will be up as soon as I write it, but until then I hope you enjoy pt.1!

Take it, have it, I don't want it anymore.

My heart is broken.

My soul is torn.

I'm stretched too thin, for another battle.

My skin is bleeding.

My bones are cracked.

My knees are buckling.

I can't even stand.

If this is the price, then I forfeit the game.

The stakes are too high, to do this again.


You call this love?

No, this is a joke.

A mockery, a falsity,

A distorted hope.

A dream that's long since, lost its glow.

And rose colored glasses,

Don't cut it any more.

It's much too painful, for the illusions they fable.

And to ignore this now,

I don't think I'm able.


So have it, take it, I don't want it, its your.

Your love is too bitter, and it's rotting my core.

My world has fallen.

My body's battered.

I believe it's safe to say,

I'm shattered.