How Can You Heal Pain?

'The pained'

I was fool,


Such a fool.

My ignorance has caused me a great sorrow,

what have I done?

Is it my burden that my pains are left for me to swallow?

I've pained them,


I've angered them.

My stupidity has caused them to leave,'

Why was I so foolish?

To cause their departure and force me to return to gather and retrieve?

They're gone,


They're all gone.

My irrationality has left them to hatred,

Did I have to be so cruel?

To make them believe I was so sick and twisted?

I was a fool,


Such a fool.

And it's truly my fault I've faltered.

I blame no other,

It's truly my blame I've altered.

It's my fault,


It's all my fault.

'The comforter'

You truly are a fool,

My friend,

Truly a fool.

Though not for what you claim.

Why must you think that way?

You are not to blame.

They were not for you,

My friend,

They were not the friends for you.

You acted as yourself,

Why must you be something else?

Surely you mustn't be treated as an item upon a shelf.

They were cruel to you,

My friend,

They served cruelness to you.

They wanted you to be something you're not.

How foolish of them.

For you were not to be what they thought.

You showed them kindness,

My friend,

You showed them what they were blind and strafing from; kindness.

It's not your fault,

My friend,

It's really not your fault.

'The pained'

Then why am I so sad?


Why must I be so sad?

True it was that I was kind,

perhaps it is true,

what they were looking for they could not find.

But now they're all gone,


They're all gone.

The words that were spoken,

that final day,

left me feeling broken.

Why must I feel this way?


Why must I feel this way?

'The comforter'

You're lonely,

My friend,

You're just feeling very lonely.

I can only say you lost,

In a social gamble,

Now you must bare the cost.

But you're not alone,

My friend,

You're not truly alone.

Those many friends may have gone away,

it's not the end,

would it be wrong for me to say others will stay?

Others remain,

My friend,

Other friends still remain.

'The pained'

What do you mean?


I do not understand what you mean.

Many friends had to leave,

so many.

Who do I have left to retrieve?

Who else will there be?


I do not know who else there will be.

'The comforter'

For starters,

My friend,

Just for starters.

You still have me,

and you'd be wrong,

To think I'd flee.

I'm here for you,

My friend,

I'm only here for you.

'The pained'

I do not understand,


Your words I do not understand.

Why must you comfort me?

I feel so blind,

to not see what you see.

What are you trying to say?


Through all the troubles,

What are you trying to say?

'The comforter'

I'm sad,

My friend,

I feel so sad.

To watch you suffer,

Through all your pains,

leaving me to feel like a weak healer.

I let you down,

My friend,

I feel as though I let you down.

Your pains broke you seal.

leaving you in pain and sorrow.

Now it is up to me to help you heal.

I care for you,

My friend,

I truly care for you.

There's something I want to say to you,

But I'd feel so wrong,

Not knowing what it may do to you.

I worry,

My friend,

And I do not want you to worry.

'The pained'

You must tell,


What is on your mind you must tell.

If you don't it will eat you away,

like it has done to me inside before,

leaving me to feel this way.

For a fool like me,


Do not hold back your words for a fool like me.

'The comforter'

I will tell,

My friend,

For you, I will tell.

In hopes that you will understand,

exactly what I cannot bare,

Watching you where you stand.

I feel so afraid,

My friend,

I feel so very afraid.

Through all of this I want to tell you,

So would it be wrong,

To say I love you?

It's no lie,

My friend,

Saying that I love you is absolutely no lie.

I wanted for so long to tell you,

I was too scared before,

I feel that now was a time I needed to tell you.

I love you,

My friend,

I truly am in love with you.

'The pained'

I was a fool,


I really was a fool.

Through all of my selfishness,

I missed how you felt,

Truly foolishness.

I never asked you,


I forgot to ask you.

This feeling I have inside me,

what is this I feel?

I feel that something of happiness has broken free.

Can it be?


Can it be?

'The comforter'

I cannot say for you,

My friend,

This I cannot say for you.

I still feel relief,

that you're starting to feel better,

I hope you're breaking through your grief.

What you feel,

My friend,

You must say for yourself what you feel.

'The pained'

It is,


If it's what I think it is.

To admit,

I've felt this before,

But to tell,

Not even I had the wit.

I love you,


I too love you.

But I must ask,

to make up for my negligence,

Give me one small task.

For you,


What must I do for you?

'The comforter'


My friend,

It's very simple.

What I ask,

will not bring grief,

This will be a simple and caring task.

Be with me,

my friend,

Please just be with me.

'The healed'

I will,


I will.

I will respond to your request,

and because of what you said and asked,

I feel back to my very best.

Deep inside of me,


That resides deep within me.

I know the feeling very well,

I'm sorry I missed it before,

and for that I will tell.

It's for you,


It's love for you.

because of you I know my way,

My sight has become clear,

For your kindness it is my turn to say:

I will stay with you.


As long as I can I will stay with you.

'The relived'

Thank you,

My love,

for everything I must thank you.