The Text of Nar'rath

Long ago, 15,000 years ago, there were the cities of Ancient. Prosperous as they were. The thousands of years before, they started as ancient villages. Poor, and unkempt. Rather pitiful, almost to say they were very unintelligent.
Around 20,000 years ago, the first city of Ancient was created in the East. After its construction and combining of tribes of men and women, the city was named; Mortrealkin. The first Great City of Ancient. Over the next 2,000 years, other great cities were constructed. The fourth, was the Great City of Brigal. Varlan City was its neighbor. The four Great Cities of Ancient ruled over all the others. For 3,000 years, everything was prosperous. Until an underlining ancient city grew tired of being ruled. A rebellion was about to occur.
A few aggressors went in and killed an advisor in Mortrealkin. The top advisor was also a General in the Army. It was there undoing. Kiirlden, The First Resolve. was born. The Great line of Resolves was foreseen by the Profit of Resolve, and checked by the Spirit of Test. Kiirlden was a great warrior of Mortrealkin, who devoted his life to protecting the cities of ancient. Along by his side was the profit of Resolve, her name was Chemii. said to be of undying beauty. Gracious, and kind to the weak and poor of the cities of ancient. She followed Kiirlden from city to city. Some say, they fell in love. Only stories say so. A major battle broke out in Brigal, and Kiirlden was at the scene. He fought off the aggressors who tried to take over the city, and slew the leader of the enemy aggressors. The people of Brigal cheered for their freedom. The chanted "Kiirlden! Kiirlden! Arst Nar'rath!" Arst Nar'rath. Our Savior. From there on, He was known as Kiirlden Nar'rath. Enlightened Savior. Years of peace were seen after that. The cities of ancient were safe from harm. And it was Kiirlden, who fell in love with Chemii. A year later, Kiirlden and Chemii were married. But it was love short lived. Chemii grew ill and died from a an unknown sickness. Kiirlden was so Mournful, he killed himself 5 years later.
The people of Brigal, and Mortrealkin were filled with grief, but their respect and love for the Enlightened Savior, told them the way. The people buried him in the center of the Great City of Mortrealkin. 2,000 years later, a monument fountain of Kiirlden Nar'rath was constructed over his grave. A carving of Chemii was placed along side Nar'rath, as the final resting spot of the two as a symbol of Spirit of Resolve, and Nar'rath as one in final slumber.

Another 3,000 years later, 5,000 years after Kiirden's birth, turmoil broke out in Varlan city. Rebellious citizens grew angry with the ways of the ancient cities and swore for change. They killed the son of Barkun. Prince Varlan. Varlan died, and was to become the Second Resolve. After Kiirlden, the name Nar'rath was placed. He was to become Varlan Nar'rath. Grievance Savior. In the state of slumber, before the transformation of Nar'rath. The rebellion found Laurtley. the second Profit of Resolve. They killed her, and Resolve was not birthed. Chaos ripped the cities of Ancient, one by one they were destroyed by the rebellion. They soon became the cities of Old. After 5,000 years, only two cities of Ancient were left. Mortrealkin, and Brigal. Within the city of Brigal, the Third Nar'rath was born. Vak'tche Nar'rath was the Protect of Saviors. He was wise and strong, unfortunately, it was not enough. The ways of the ancient were not enough for the new things brought by the cities of Old, who were pressing new weapons upon the cities of Ancient. Vak'tche fought valiantly, but lost his life in the city of Mortrealkin. The Cities of old, made a dreadful mistake of creating a weapon far beyond its time. The defeat of Nar'rath came when a man created the gun. Vak'tche lost his life at the hand of the times of change. Modernized warfare brought Brigal to its knees, but the city of Mortrealkin, the last city of Ancient, held strong.
The cities of Old prospered, and made frequent attacks on Mortrealkin, to bring it to its knees. There was no Resolve to protect them, so the attacks would prove fatal till' the very end. Mortrealkin fought for many years, but was slowly succumbing to the cities of Old. There were new technologies being introduced to the city of Mortrealkin. Some technologies, like cars, and aircraft were becoming part of Mortrealkin's society, but the end of the last city of Ancient was doomed to fall. After 4,985 years of fighting the dying fight to keep its ancient ways. Mortrealkin was destroyed. A nuclear explosion was seen over the last city of ancient. Not one person survived. All that was left, were the last 6 cities of Old, but another change was on the way. The people who dropped the bomb over Mortrealkin, were the same people who were after creating a new era of Tyranny. 10 Years after the bomb in Mortrealkin, a man known as Rephnorne took over the city of Varlan in a coup' de ta. The city was soon renamed as Rephnorn city. The city of Dictation. the very first city. The third change was about to happen. The leader of the group responsible for Mortrealkin's destruction was hidden away, commanding orders to the members of the aggressors. The organization was soon named the R.S.K.N.A.P. Arlin, the leader, made a discovery; The Fourth Resolve was to be born in 5 years. The other operatives of the R.S.K.N.A.P. Were sent to other cities to find and kill the set Resolve. Rephnorne, who was ruling over his new city, tore through in an angry search and slaughtered thousands of the citizens of the great city, in search of the Fourth Resolve. Karlie was sent to Brigal city and track down any possibilities of who Resolve may be and kill him before the year of Resolve came to be.

Nephelin and Lianne Crest

Nephelin was known to be a rather psychotic member of the R.S.K.N.A.P. He was a ruthless killer who loved to just kill people for the sake of killing them. He didn't care if he killed a child, or its family. Nor did he care if he killed Resolve before the change. It's said that he was saddened when he found out that Resolve was borne in Brigal city. Rather than Flein city. He was given an order from Arlin to withdraw from Flein city, and report to Rephnorn city. It was said to possibly be the first target of Resolve.
Nephelin decided to make one more kill to make his journey a memorable one. A house on the edge of the city limits was filled with lights. so, he and a few men stormed the house. and slaughtered everyone. They left with not another word, but a cruel laugh. that was the laugh that Lianne Crest, would remember for the rest of her life. She was the only member of the family who managed to survive the attack. She spent many of her years in solitude, and sulked for 2 years. She had nothing left to live for.

Sarkin's encounter, Lance Avalon

Sarkin was a more humble and kind man in heart, and did not show his kindness to the other members of the R.S.K.N.A.P. Sarkin was sent to Sehc'var city. Sarkin had a different idea in mind. Not to kill Resolve, but coax him to join the R.S.K.N.A.P. He had a vision of the group of being R.S.K.N.A.P.R. With Rephnorne, Sarkin, Karlie, Nephelin, Arlin, Phemirl, and Resolve. The perfect way of changing the world to what it should be. During Sarkin's stay in Sehc'var city, he gathered followers. The army of Sarkin was created, a new branch of power going to the aggressors. After 5 1/2 years, Sarkin caught wind that Karlie was taken down by Resolve. The fourth Resolve was indeed born. Yet, it was not the only part of Sarkin's worries. He had fallen in love with one of the members of his army.
But grew angry when he learned she was breaking off from the army and was in love with another man. He set out to kill the boy shortly after. During the night, he spotted the operative, and the boy, and shot through the car window. The girl sacrificed her own life and saved the boy's. Soon after, they came to find out, the boy's name was Lance Avalon. Sarkin searched his records, and found that he had killed his family 3 years before. He went out to kill Lance, but he was never found.
The next day, Sarkin was given the order to deport from Sehc'var city. Arlin gave the order for Sarkin to send his army to Rephnorn city a year later, while Sarkin was to report to a remote and hidden location. Possibly to where Arlin was hiding out.
Yet another city was left in distraught. The city was in a state of anarchy, no form of government was left. But a few citizens and store owners did what they could to keep an air of home left within Sehc'var city. The poor Lance Avalon was left homeless and loosed the love of his life.