Male. Female.

Up. Down.

Inside out. Forward.

Delusions and reality.

This is not my place here.

I am stuck in between.

Forcing there to be logic,

While my thoughts are erratic.

Laughing because there is nothing to say

Weeping because I feel pain

Illusion that something good can last.

Taking. Giving.

High. Low.

It isn't a question

It isn't a demand

It is a proposal

Because if I don't say it

Nothing will be done.

So here I am.

Weak. Strong.

Harsh. Soft.

Cold. Forgiving.

If I demand, it will break.

If I let go, it will shatter.

So just give in return

What I give for all.

Always. Never.

Right. Wrong.

Love. Disaster.

Creation. Being.

Please- a bargin?