The Anonymous Friend

An anonymous review left me something,

Something more precious even than gold.

It hurts that I cannot say thanks,

That she cannot be thanked or told.

I wish I could say thank you

To the one who said I flowed.

She also said I that I rhymed.

In the review that lifted my load.

A load of burdens so hard to carry,

A load that drug me to the ground.

I don't know why it lifted me so,

I just know my groove was found.

From a funk that I was lifted,

It somehow raised my troubled spirit.

I could not write or send my praise,

So I write this poem that she may hear it.

I thank you whoever you are

For what you sent without knowing.

It brought me back, I say again.

It helped me get my words flowing.

A/N: Dedicated to the anonymous review, Carrie(), for the wonderful review that so lifted my spirit. Thank you again.