The young woman walked urgently throughout the forest, in the darkness of the night, making not a sound as she went. She watched and listened for any kind of prey that may be ahead, or behind. Man, woman or animal, she would be weary of all until her task was complete.

Hearing laughter up ahead she stopped in her tracks and listened, it sounded as though thee was a camp up ahead. Boisterous laughter was heard, by the sounds and movements she could hear, she estimated that it was about five men standing around the fire warming their souls and cooking what smelt like wild pig.

Not being too close, she decided that she would be able to walk around the men without causing any trouble; she didn't have enough time for any kind of trouble. She began to walk around as silent as a wolf stalking its prey.

Once the noise was behind her, she relaxed and picked up her pace once more. To her utmost surprise, the hood of her cloak got caught on a twig making her gasp with shock, as her hood tumbled down making her golden locks tumble about her.

Realizing her mistake she didn't move a muscle in her body, afraid to move in case she was noticed, letting herself relax was a silly mistake, one that she wouldn't let herself forget. Hearing no movement or chatter she gave one last look around before deciding to movie on.

Knowing that she shouldn't be moving just in case there was a threat out there, she was extra careful and extra quiet, but it seemed that wasn't good enough, when she felt a putrid smelling piece of cloth cover her face and beefy arms engulfing her waist. Her intention was to knock the beast of a man down, but then she decided to pretend she was a weak and helpless female, which a man expected from most women. She wouldn't do anything, until she had a chance to knock him and his comrades out, because if she knocked him out, his comrades may notice and be after her before sunrise. Her only option was to take them all down.

She set her plan in motion and let out a muffled scream and started to wave her arms about trying to hit her attacker, he dragged her along as she kicked and screamed, he grunted as a couple of her blows hit him somewhere on his body. The man threw her on the floor as they came into a clearing and she saw the fir and the five beastly men around it. She looked around like a frightened cat, searching for an escape.

"Look at wha' I got ere fellas," Her attacker announced as he took in the young woman's appearance greedily.

The young woman looked around her and noticed that the men were all armed with knives and swords, some had already discarded their weapons, probably thinking that they had enough weapons and men to scare all possible enemies away. The men all looked at her like she was a prize piece of meat, and were ready to eat her alive.

"What brings a simple wench like yeself, into these parts of the woods?"

"My business is non of your concern." she said getting to her feet and brushing the dirt of her cloak and skirts. "Now if you would just let me be on my way?"

The men laughed and surrounded her like a pack of wolves ready to pounce, "you ain't going no where, wench. Well not until we all have had our fair share of ye. You see we've been in these woods a long time, and it can be rather lonely without a woman to warm our beds."

The young woman thought as much and decided to give them a fair warning, "I suggest that you keep on dreaming about that, because I have no intention of doing what you wish."

The men guffawed, and then one spoke up. "Well wench, if you come willingly, we promise not to hurt you that much."

"Oh, that has just made me feel so much the better." She said rolling her eyes. "How about you put your sword were you mouth is sir." She placed her hands on her hips, getting ready to draw her sword at the slightest movement.

All the men started to laugh as if she had said the most laughable thing on the continent. Her capturer looked over at her and winked with what he must have thought was a very dashing gesture. "Wench, I'll show you a sword alright." He then grabbed his privates and jiggled them at her.

Disgust and anger flooding her cheeks, in one swift movement she threw her cloak aside and armed herself with her sword, moving forward, she slashed her capturer on the shoulder drawing blood, then stripping past him she faced the circle of men with her sword drawn high.

"Alright, now I'm warning you, if you go any further I will show you no mercy."

"Did you here that fellas, she'll show us no mercy, gee were shaking in out boots now wench." One of the men laughed out until he was silenced with a slap to his head by one of the other men.

"You filthy wench." Her capturer yelled, enraged, he drew out his own sword and violently lunged at her. She swiftly evaded his hasty attack and he fell to the ground, not expecting her sudden movement.

They lunged at her with all of their strength, but the young woman was quicker on her feet and flew past them like a graceful dancer, not receiving a single scratch on her flesh, but as she moved she managed to simply nick them all harmlessly on their bodies.

The men were enraged that a simple female was now outmaneuvering them; she didn't have any more time to play games with them, the next man lunged at her with an angry bellow, she stepped back and lifted her sword and rendered him unconscious with the hilt.

She then knocked a huge beefy man to the ground with a single but effective kick to the knee, he fell like a tree to the ground, with an effective thump which seemed to make the ground rumble.

She gave the beastly men credit, no matter how many of them she knocked down, they kept coming, determined to get her, but although they tried, they failed, miserably at that. They were just no match for her.

Once they were all down and unconscious she bound them together and scattered their weapons a couple of meters out of reach, hiding in the grass. So when and if they got free she would be long gone. They would be lucky enough if they got through the night without having any hungry wild animals visiting them in search for a snack.

The young woman placed her sword back inside its scabbard, then fetched her cloak and tied it back on, hiding her gender once more. She strode forward; forgetting the men behind her and the events of that night, only one thought was on her mind and of the task that lay before her. Her name was Brianna O'Neill, and she was on a mission for her Queen.