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Playing Cupid

Chapter 6: And Now for These Messages

Eros was pouting. Again. And again I knew what he was thinking. He was trying to figure out how I'd put the dress on without showing him the naughties. Girl's P.E. changing rooms, that's how, Mr. Big-Shot.

Or big whatever. . .

I shook my head, bringing myself out of those thoughts. Bad Casey!

"Done," I snapped, proud of myself. Corset tops were not my friend. Even the non-functioning ones. "So what next?"

"Could I get a second performance? I'll help you unlace it again."

The cocky grin on face quickly disappeared when I realized that Eros was no longer leaning back on his elbows but now upright at the edge of the bed, his smiling face inches away from my bellybutton. He cocked his head in study of the skirt's stretching fabric, and his hands shot out, landing on my hips, right above the skirt's hem. I squirmed at the sudden contact. That move should have been followed by "tactfully pulling out of arms reach." But it wasn't.

I glared down at him.

"Off. Now," I growled.

Eros's legs twitched with sudden nervousness. For the first time, I realized that I was standing between his knees and in full kicking range. Maybe I shouldn't pull out the big guns quite so quickly. This was no time for casualties, after all. There was an ex-boyfriend to save those tactics for.

"Off?" he asked, as if confused.

I knew better. Faker.

His hands slid down a fraction of an inch. "But you just put it on? Well, I was joking, but if you insist. . ."

"Your hands—stop it!"

"You're sure that's what you want?"

I felt the three inch heel of Juliet's matching ankle boots twist a second before Eros's grip tightened. An eep barely had time to escape my lips before I landed in an awkward sitting position on his thigh.

"I love a mortal who makes the first move," he noted, his hot breath on my shoulder.

"You tripped me," I deadpanned.

He leaned back from my bare skin and smirked, his eyes wet and dancing the tango beneath a perfectly arched brow. With a shrug of his shoulder, he took on an expression of perfect innocence. But his hands were still of the not-so-nice nature and attempting to undo my hard work. I jumped up off of him, stumbling to the other bed where I landed less than gracefully on Juliet's satin comforter.

Eros sighed and stood up. "I really do like the dress, love. Now your body looks the part—why you've been hiding those delicious legs, I'll never know. But something still isn't right. When's the last time you got a trim?"

"You better be talking about my hair."

"Now who's naughty."

I snorted. Please. "I had my hair cut two weeks ago."

"Fire your stylist. And do you ever wear make-up?" He paused a moment, rolling his eyes at my silence. "Come on now, Casey my dear, we have a man to see about a make-over."

I raised a brow. "We're just having dinner at my mom's. This isn't prom."

Eros steepled his fingers with the sudden excitement of a five-year-old just offered the chance to pie his father. "That would be fun!"


The god of love shook it off. "Very well, very well. But you're forgetting something, love."

"What's that?"

"I girl with a stringy locks and a stunning date is still a girl with stringy locks. We'll do no good destroying Carmen and Greg's happy nest if this isn't done the right way." Eros approached me with a swagger to his step, a breath-taking move in my tight denim jeans. Too bad they didn't do that for me. Granted, I didn't have the extra packing material. "Now, have a little faith in your god. Since you're so unwilling to have fun, let's get a move on. We have less than four hours before you're expected to be home again to greet the smiling couple. "

Greg. That's the name I repeated in my head. Greg. It was only for a complete hate of my ex that I gave the god of love a quick nod and ignored his comment about my stringy hair. My hair was so not stringy!

"Fine. Where are we going?"

"The closest mall. My brother has a place there, as well as a hundred other locations in this country, I believe. He's quite the go-getter these days."

I blinked, wondering if I'd been slipped drugs in the past twenty-four hours. Perhaps I should have thought of that when I shot a pink-haired god. What had he just said?

"Your brother?"

End Notes: What to look forward to in future chapters? Another sexy immortal, a discussion on the nature of "gods" like Eros, a royally pissed Casey, and some needed advice for our jealous girl.