I take the slowest walk through solitary streets,
a gun in my hand.
What a beautiful piece,
painted of what's left of my heart.
I'm as broken as they come
in the middle of the night,
staring at the moon and remembering
of the body that lay beside me.
Who will be better off by the time the night ends?

If I could survive these nights without you,
why do I feel this alone?
You made me whole, secured my soul
I'm sickened by this emptiness.
Your veins to my heart, severed so smoothly.
I'm hanging on the last of limbs.
For that, dare I blame you?

I know I'm lying to myself
with my neck hanging from a shelf
engraved with signatures that made my heart sing.
Too many nights wasted crying
but now, I wouldn't let you save me anyway.
This hurt is destroying me.

With a whisper of the darkness,
my life is losing meaningness.
One by one, the lucky stars can fade to black.
My purposes deny the swelling
with my back glued to the wall with cemented tears.
How can these lungs work without the need to breathe?
You took that from me.
My heart has no more love left to believe in.

My world has been torn.
Can you take my life?
I don't want it anymore.