Clover sighs dropping the paintbrush back into its can. In the background, music blares. These love sick songs use to annoy her so much but now… now she could relate to them. The confusion, the rejection and the loss. It annoyed her even more now that she could relate to them than when she couldn't. She moved from her canvas over to her bed, there she flopped into the plush comforter and stared at the ceiling, arms folded behind her head. Her chocolate eyes deep with thought. One knee bent slightly, the other shook because of a restless ankle.

Leon was done. Over. Fine. She was fine with that. It had, after all, been a mutual split. It wasn't the breakup that was bothering her. It was him. Salvatore. Alex. That arrogant bastard with his pale skin, shades and illegal job. He was the one getting to her. Why though?

He's her teacher. He worked her hard, but that wasn't it either, she worked herself harder. He had power. So what? Clover didn't care how much power he had. He was stubborn and arrogant. Then again so is most every male. He is a male prostitute. Eh. Big deal. Tall but skeletal, pale and he always wore those damn shades. It wasn't any one of these things that bothered her. It was all of them together as one. It was everything that made Alex, Alex.

Alexander Salvatore, six years older than Clover Ciara, an arrogant prick with no qualities that would ever attract a sensible girl drove Clover wild. She hated it. A bad ass style mixed with goth boy features and an attitude fit for a rich snob all rolled into one.

She thought loved him but would never admit it. She hated the fact that she had allowed herself to use him once, just to feel him close to her, inside her. That act only left her feeling emptier than before. He didn't love her, he never would. She didn't know what was worse though, the fact that she was crushing on him or the fact that she could never bring herself to tell him that she cared and find out how he felt.