Clover woke up to a knock at her door. Sighing she looked at her clock, it was nearly ten am. Fair enough of a time to wake. The knocking came again and she slipped out of bed muttering.

"'M coming 'm coming."

She opened the door and who she saw shocked her. Alex stood in front of her like his old self. The one she'd met over a year ago. In the past week and some change she thought she'd gotten over him. Moved on. But she hadn't. Seeing him filled her with emotions that she kept hidden behind a tired smile and sarcastic tone.

"Hey, long time no see."

Alex looked down at her and gave that small curl of his lips. That secretive smile. He was silent and shifted on his feet. He could feel the creatures in his stomach twisting with his nerves.

"Yea.. I'm sorry about that. I have a, uhm, question for you."

Clover watched him carefully, curiously. She picked up on the sighs of his nerves and really didn't care. He'd left her with no word other than he had work to do, for over a month. A cold attitude towards him was well warranted in her mind. She kept her face pleasant though. "Ok, what's up?" She watched him falter and stumble and something in her broke. She began to worry. "Alex? What's wrong? You're…"

"Nervous." He finished for her. "Very nervous. I'm not good at this sort of thing…"

"You're worrying me now Alex, just tell me…" Sighing Alex thrusts the small box out to her. He watches carefully as she takes it, the confusion was clear on her face as well as something else. Anger maybe? Probably. He knew his timing was not the best but he wanted this and knew it now.

He watched her open the box and blink. Her face was frustratingly blank as she looked upon the ring he had hand crafted for her. He went down to one knee in front of her just before her eyes rose from the ring. Brown spheres find nothing to look at but the hall. She steps back and looks down at him silently. Not sure what to think. If it was a gift, asking for forgiveness she was not sure if she should be upset he thought a material object would work or happy he thought to do anything at all. She looks at him, kneeling and it does not click until he speaks.

"Don't make me say the words… I can't…"

She blinked again, a quick flash of flesh over her brown orbs. He was asking her to marry him. This hand made ring was for engagement.

Most women would find him odd, insincere or insane for proposing in such a way. Disappearing for a month, returning like nothing was wrong and then getting to one knee but admitting he can't say the words. She could think of women that the last alone would be an instant no. Clover knew Alex far better than that though. And the answer never crossed her mind.

Had he remained standing, she would have too. But there was no point. Clover fell to her knees, nearly level with him and threw her arms tightly around his neck. She felt him stiffen, tense. Her head buried into the nook of his neck and she nodded, speechlessly, she nodded.