Will this summer allow for a broken heart?
Hearts and promises made of glass
and both just end up broken in the end.

Doctor, take this heart out
for it's not working anymore.
Give me the pills I need.
Hey, capsule, let me function properly.
With an aching back hunched in a frown,
sinking to the floor.
This body is desperately trying to stay alive, nothing more.

But I can't say
that I love the way you kill me.
My intention was to hide from my own secrets.
I was wrong, wasn't I,
to assume that it was worth a try?
Memories settled with my personal death penalty.
Yet, I don't feel the fatal poison rushing to my head
it doesn't matter anyway, I've already been dead.

You were so close and yet so far away.
We were beating at the dead hearts
for lives we never gave away.
With my raw knees and raw throats from trying too excessively.
A kiss may have healed the wounds
but my lips are slit from my own dreams.

I should have feared the pain that would come from this.
I'm just a notch in your belt,
you're a notch in my wrist.
When did this game of hearts play as a sacrifice?
With electricity resting on the lips of treason,
where's The Catcher now that I've fallen?

Kiss of death disguised in a dream:
was it you or was it me?
So I refuse to sleep
in the hopes that I won't dream.
My consciencesness is diving deep
as your spirit haunts my memories.

Time flies too quickly for me to be sure.
A future is about to be unfurled.
Shall I open and close another door
just to leave you behind in a past world?

I wish that this was not a waste.
Don't read the lie upon my face.
You won't be the one to tell me I was wrong.
How long until my heart's replaced?
Not too much time, not too much space.
Somewhere in here, I knew it all along.