The Beginning

Newspapers were thrown at each door step of every house in the world. It is the year of 2006 in the month of March. The biggest news on the newspapers and television reports are about the destruction of Professor Kirk Thinker, in Madagascar, Africa. Professor Kirk Thinker's laboratory was totally destroyed. The reason of the destruction was uncertain; and Professor Thinker disappeared right after the laboratory fire. The police force of Madagascar believes the fire was an accident caused by a chemical reaction. What really happened was the question that has to be answered……

Professor K. Thinker was a scientist, who lived in Madagascar, Africa, after he got a job as a researcher for a company named L2 Association. Professor Thinker researched about living a longer life beyond the average age of 100 years old with other scientists. Professor Thinker and his partner, Professor Abraham Snerpant, traveled around the world to many orphanages to adopt children that are eligible for their research. These orphans were brought back to Madagascar. After the two scientists have brought back twenty children from at least fifteen different countries of the world, these children were brought back to Antananarivo, Madagascar. These children were all young –all between the ages 2 to 6- and they lived with the two professors in a big mansion provided by the company.

These children have kept each other company. They are very quiet, but they are very excited to have playmates of their age. During the month of February in the year of 2006, the twenty children were brought to the laboratory to receive an animal DNA injected in their bodies. After twenty days of the injection of each child and being observed for the whole day after the injection, the first stage of the research project was completed, and there was no sign of negative effects on the children's DNA and the animal DNA injected into them. There were two of the twenty children who had received artificial DNA that were added with prehistoric dinosaurs' DNA.

There was a week before the second stage of the project. Professor Thinker decides to give the children a break for a week before they go through one of the toughest stage of the project, but Professor Snerpant disagrees with Professor Thinker. The two professors debate with each other on the 20th of February in the laboratory while the children were asleep. Professor Snerpant stepped up to Professor Thinker, and he starts the argument, "What is the meaning of this, Thinker?"

"Apparently, I'm going to give the children a break, Professor Snerpant," answered Professor Thinker taking off his glasses and cleaning them with his handkerchief.

"They don't need a break," said Professor Snerpant, "I suggest we continue with the second stage immediately."

"I think not, Professor Snerpant. We should give them a break and use this week for an observation week," responded Professor Thinker putting back on his glasses.

"Haven't we observed enough, Thinker?" asked Professor Snerpant in an unpleasant tone.

"I think we haven't," said Professor Thinker, "One day of observation on the date of injection just isn't enough," being very reasonable.

"Well, there isn't any negative signs," said Professor Snerpant, "We can continue."

"Professor Snerpant, there isn't any negative signs yet. It doesn't mean there won't be any," explained Professor Thinker, "We need to observe them a little more. Besides, you must think for the children too."

"They're just children. Why do we need to care?" answered Professor Snerpant with a mean tone.

"Don't you have any sympathy for the children?! You should be ashamed of yourself," responded Professor Thinker in shock, "You were once a child once. How could you say that, Professor Snerpant?"

"These children are only tools for this project. In another hand, they're only test subjects!" said Professor Snerpant grabbing Professor Thinker's shirt.

"Please mind your manners, Professor Snerpant," said Professor Thinker freeing himself from Professor Snerpnat's grip. Professor Snerpant didn't say a word; and he walks away. For the five days that passed, Professor Snerpant ignored Professor Thinker. Until the sixth day, Professor Thinker was away in a meeting with the representatives of the L2 Association. While Professor Thinker was away, Professor Snerpant brings the twenty children to a big and sealed room and tied them down to a chair. After he tied the children down, he takes a needle that was attached to a big of liquid and he sticks the needle in the children's arms. He went up to a glass room from the sealed room, and he locks the door. The computers are activated and Professor Snerpant starts to type on the main computers and he pushes a red button. The liquid starts to empty itself into a plastic and transparent tube and finally reaches into the children's arms. For every child, the computers flash with the word 'positive effect' with a percentage flashing. Professor Snerpant smiles and he types on the keyboard. The door behind the computers opens, Professor Snerpant turns and he sees Professor Thinker at the door. Professor Thinker ran to Professor Snerpant, who was near the computer, and he said to him, "What are you doing to the children, Professor Snerpant?!"

"Stage two of the project. Look its positive!" said Professor Snerpant pointing at the computer, "What?! It was positive before…Why is negative now!?" reading from the screen that was flashing the word 'negative' in red.

"Stop it now! You'll kill the kids!" said Professor Thinker running to the main computer before he noticed the word 'negative' became 'danger'.

The children's body was contracting like a lively muscle. The bags of toxic chemicals were all absorbed and the needle flew out of the children's arms. The children broke free from the chairs and started to act like real animals. Some children flew in the room, some children pounced and climbed walls to find an escape. The flying children broke the windows on the ceiling and flew out. The climbing and pouncing children broke into the glass observation room, where Professor Thinker and Professor Snerpant were and escaped from the door.

There were two children still tied down on the chairs. Professor Thinker got up from the floor and went to see the two remaining children. Professor Thinker untied the two children. One of the two children had no eyes on her face, and the other hand a third eye on his forehead. Professor Thinker holds the little girl's hands and he saw a pair of eyes on each hand –front and back- blinking at Professor Thinker. Adding to Professor Thinker's surprised expression was shocking and freaked out. The two children's eyes started to glow; Professor Thinker took a few steps back immediately. The two children got off their chair and walked towards Professor Thinker, but every step they took whatever was near or around them caught on fire. Professor Thinker immediately ran for the exit, telling Professor Snerpant, "Get out of here! These children are setting everything on fire! Hurry, we've got to get out of here, Professor Snerpant!" running out with Professor Snerpant behind him.

The two professors ran out of the lab before it exploded and was burning with flames. Professor Snerpant looked at Professor Thinker and punched him in the face saying to him, "If it wasn't for your bad timing this would never have happened! Thanks a lot, Thinker. Now, the only thing to this project is gone!"

"Excuse me!" answered back Professor Thinker, "You were the one who went ahead! This wouldn't have happen if you listened to me in observing them for a bit longer! Who is it that the blame is to go to?!" giving Professor Snerpant a punch back.

"You little bastard!" said Professor Snerpant standing up.

"That's enough, professors," said a voice behind them, "Get in the helicopter, please. We need to talk." A man in a nice suit came up to them. He had black hair with brown eyes with a cut on the top right corner of his forehead. The man points his hand towards his personal helicopter. Professor Thinker and Professor Snerpant walked in front of the man in the nice suit to his private helicopter. The helicopter left the ground and flew in the air. The man in the nice suit looks at Professor Snerpant and then to Professor Thinker.

"I can explain for the fire, Mr. Johnson," said Professor Thinker to the man in the nice suit.

"You're not suppose to be the one explaining, Kirk. Please call me Ripolo or Rip," said the man in the suit, "May I have an explanation, Abraham?"

"It was just a chemical reaction," said Professor Snerpant sitting on the seat.

"It wasn't a simple chemical reaction, was it now, Abraham?" asked Rip Johnson.

"Fine, it was a big chemical reaction. How about that?" responded Professor Snerpant with a bit of enthusiasm.

"What did you do to the test subjects?" asked Rip holding a cup of wine in his hand.

"I just added a toxic chemical to the kids," answered Professor Snerpant, "No big deal."

"No big deal?" said Rip holding his cup of wine firmly, "Do you know what a big of a deal this is!?" throwing his wine on Professor Snerpant's face, "This is a total disaster! The money I've spent on this project is brought to a waste!" sitting back down.

"Maybe not," said Professor Thinker, "The money isn't a waste at all."

"What do you mean, Kirk?" asked Rip pouring another cup of wine.

"I witnessed the power of these children with the chemical and the animal DNA within them," said Professor Thinker, "We can use them for other uses…like using them as spies, assassins or something."

"Great idea," said Rip, "We're going to have to look for them. How are we going to do that?" drinking his wine.

"I have a suggestion," said Professor Snerpant before being interrupted.

"I think not, Abraham. For causing such a disaster, I hereby announce you're to be the scientist you were before you worked for the L2 Association," said Rip.

"What?! You can't fire me!" said Professor Snerpant.

"Oh yes, I can," said Rip with a smirk, "About…the children…How can we find them?"

The search for the twenty mutated children began. There was nothing, no news or progress in this search for fifteen years. Where can these children be? Where are they? They are everywhere like normal people living in big cities, having no recollection of what they did in their childhood, growing up clueless.