The Eye of the Eagle

After the incident of Gothan beaten by Masaki badly for drinking the vodka he wasn't suppose to drink, the twenty people had a break. For about three weeks, Gothan was recuperating from his minor injuries. The others were on their own doing something they killed time with. A call was made to two people this time. Leon and Raivina were called to the mission.

They were asked to meet with Jenny at the huge gymnasium. Jenny was with an elderly lady who was in her fifties. Leon and Raivina greeted Jenny and her guest with a salute. Jenny said, "There you are, this is Lady Frankfurt."

"Morning Madam Frankfurt," said the two young people. The old lady walked up to both of them and asked Jenny, "These are going to be the people who are going to help find my precious? They look like twigs…You sure about this Jenny?"

"Yes, of course," replied Jenny, "You believe in my decisions don't you. I always do the right thing." Raivina and Leon gave the old lady a very cold look.

"Hope you were drunk when you made your decision," said the old lady glaring back at the two people.

"Now, now, Lady Frankfurt," retorted Jenny, "Everything is fine. They will do a very good job. I can grantee."

"Alright, I'll see how long they'll last," said Lady Frankfurt. Raivina and Leon don't have a very nice feeling to this old and picky lady named Lady Frankfurt.

Jenny said to the two people to get their attention off the anger they have for Lady Frankfurt and she said, "Your mission is quite simple."

"I hope there isn't any blood involved," interrupted Raivina.

"No blood is involved in this one, but a lot of patience and time would be involved," said Jenny, "I hope you have the patience."

"Have lots of that," said Leon. Jenny grinned at them and said to them, "This mission is a time consuming mission. Your task is to find something that Lady Frankfurt lost, and we suspect it isn't lost."

"What do you suspect?" questioned Leon with his hands crossed.

"I suspect my precious is stolen from me," said Lady Frankfurt.

"What exactly is stolen?" asked Raivina finding it suspicious.

"A box," said Lady Frankfurt.

"A box?" said Leon, "Is there something in it that is worth stealing?"

"There is a secret that only my family knows and the box has a key to it that I kept somewhere secretive. The box is cannot be broken or melted. Therefore the only way to have access to the box is to have the key," said Lady Frankfurt, "I need to find it before anything happens."

"Who do you suspect stole you box?" asked Leon analyzing the information given to him.

"My granddaughter, Marianne Greeley," said the old lady showing them a picture of her twenty year old daughter.
"Why would your granddaughter steal your box? Does she know what's inside?" questions Raivina.

"Yes, she even read the content of the box," said Lady Frankfurt, "That stupid child must have taken the box to threaten the people involved in the box's content."

"You mean the content in the box are things like letters?" asked Leon, "And these letters are some kind of secret about another person, right?"

"Correct," said Lady Frankfurt, "These letters are secrets between me and some other person, and I promised them I will not expose those letters to the public."
"Then why did you keep the box?" asked Raivina, "I don't understand your logic of keeping the box if you will not expose it to the public. Does she know that you suspect it is her who stole your box?"

"I doubt because whenever I talk about it she acts normal. I knew when I heard her talking on the phone…It's complicated, all I want you two to do is spy on my granddaughter and seize the box back. I want to have the box back and I will know what to do with it," instructed Lady Frankfurt.

"Where is your granddaughter?" asked Jenny curiously.

"She's currently in New York," said Lady Frankfurt while she had a little cough.
"Where in New York?" asked Leon, "She can be practically anywhere in Alabama."

"New York," said Lady Frankfurt specifically.

"Then we're going to New York," said Leon, "Are we going to be going for a long while?"

"You may be," said Jenny, "According to the information we've got from Lady Frankfurt is her granddaughter has been hiding from her and we've traced down that she's in New York. There may be some kind of transaction soon. So, you better hurry to New York."

"Yes Madam!" said both.

"I'll see you there in New York," said Lady Frankfurt smiling at the young people who are helping her.

"See you there," said the two young people.

The two were dismissed for their packing. They had to leave as soon as possible. Therefore by the end of dinner they left for the Madagascan airport as soon as they finished eating. They took their flight to New York and meet up with Lady Frankfurt. They stayed with her and they got to work immediately. Before they left for New York they were given information from Jenny of updates of where Marianne Greeley may be. According to the information she is still in New York and leaving New York in about three days.

"This means that we've got less then two and a half days to find her in New York before she leaves to who knows where," said Leon in a bit of stress.

"There got to be a way we can find her…Does she have a habit of doing something before she leaves for a trip or something?" asked Raivina looking at Lady Frankfurt.

"I don't really know about that. I never really go anywhere with her…," said Lady Frankfurt disappointingly.

"Bingo! I found it!" said Raivina pointing at the calendar on the wall of Lady Frankfurt's house.

"What did you find?" asked Leon and Lady Frankfurt.

"I found out why she's leaving in three days," said Raivina pointing at a date on the calendar that says, 'Jamie's b-day'.

"Of course, it's her boyfriend's birthday in two days," realized Lady Frankfurt, "She'll definitely spend a night with him before leaving somewhere."

"We'll have to do some stalking then," said Leon, "Good work."

"Thanks," said Raivina, "We should look up where this Jamie lives."

"He lives in downtown New York," said Lady Frankfurt, "Be careful down there."

"You're coming with us to give Jamie a chaotic birthday present," said Leon with a brilliant idea in his head.

"I like where this is going," said Lady Frankfurt.

"We like it too," said both Raivina and Leon, "We're going to the have some fun playing hide and steal," and they laughed and giggled at the statement.

The day finally came, February 9, Jamie's birthday. Lady Frankfurt and the two young people went to downtown New York, and they found Jamie's house. They waited not too far from the house to wait for Marianne to come. They spent almost all day waiting for Marianne. Until about half an hour before midnight, Marianne showed up to Jamie's doors. Raivina and Leon got to work and Lady Frankfurt was prepared to do her thing.

Raivina and Leon sneaked into the house by the back and Lady Frankfurt made a distraction for both Marianne and Jamie at the front door. Everything went well, the act started. Lady Frankfurt rang the door bell, Marianne and Jamie went to open the door, and Marianne left the box she was holding in her hand on the dinner table in the kitchen of Jamie's house. From the backdoor, Leon and Raivina were trying to pick open the lock of the door. Leon and Raivina noticed something about this door they were picking, the door was not locked. They smiled evilly and opened the door. They sneaked into the kitchen and they walked as far as the kitchen counter when Jamie suddenly stepped in. Jamie wanted to yell robbers, but Leon and Raivina was to fast for him, they knocked him unconscious from behind. Leon took the box and grabbed Raivina while someone notices and they ran out the back door and closed it as it was before. Leon and Raivina went back to Lady Frankfurt's car. Leon looked at Raivina and asked her a very awkward question, "Did you feel guilty for hitting him from behind? You look scared."

"I've never done things like that before…How do expect me not to be scared?" asked Raivina panting from fear.

"Well, at least we got our work done," said Leon giving her a hug to cheer her up. Raivina blushed and she thanked him for the hug. Lady Frankfurt did not come out of Jamie's house until the next twenty minutes. When she did, she drove both Raivina and Leon to her house. Leon hands Lady Frankfurt the box they took and Leon said, "What was your granddaughter's reaction to the missing of the box?"

"Surprised, very surprised," said Lady Frankfurt, "She hasn't been that surprised since her Sweet sixteen surprise party," laughing at her funny granddaughter.

"Is this the box you need?" asked Raivina, "Hope we took the right box."

"Yes, it is," said Lady Frankfurt opening the box with her key. She took the contents in the box and she started shredding the pictures and letters and threw them all in her fire place and lights it.

"We're going to have to sit around the warm fire for a while," said Lady Frankfurt as a joke.

"No thanks," said Raivina and Leon, "We're going to have some fun before leaving for Madagascar."

"I'll be going to Florida in a few days would you like to come and you can leave for Madagascar whenever you want," said Lady Frankfurt.

"Thanks!" said both of the young people.

Raivina and Leon went to Florida with Lady Frankfurt and they left for Madagascar when they felt like leaving. When they came back to PA, people looked at them weirdly. Raivina asked them what's the matter and all of them stared at them. Jay, Zenith's Zord, said to them, "You look really tan. I thought you were supposed to be in New York."

"Long story," said Leon, "I'll tell you someday when I have the time." The group of people disbanded themselves to go back to their normal business. Leon turned to Raivina and said to her, "It was a lot of fun working with you. Would you like to grab something later or do something later?"

"Sure, why not," said Raivina, "But how about tomorrow. I'm really tired for some reason. Maybe it's from jetlag…"

"Sure, it's not like I'm not tired. Tomorrow it shall be," said Leon.

"It's a date," said Raivina smiling at Leon. They went back to their room and they were excited to see each other later and tomorrow for their little date.