Look and Tell

Tell me something

What do you see?

Do you see a name?

A girl with a face?

A person in the crowd?

Or do you see me?

Tell me something

Nurse or maid?

What am I to you?

Am I both?

Am I nothing?

Am I all you have left?

Tell me something

Who am I to you?

A daughter?

A person? The future? Your future?

The keeper of all your secrets?

Am I all or nothing at all?

Look at me now

Do you take me for granted?

Do you love me like I should?

Do you see the turmoil?

Do you see what's fake and what's real?

Do you see me when I'm crying?

Or do you notice when it's too late?

I just want you to see me

'Cause it's all or noting from 'a' to 'z'

Look at me

Do you see me in ten years?

Do you see the limitations?

Do you see the caged bird?

The new bird? The love bird?

Do you see what's pushing us away?

Look at me, tell me what you see

Is it a girl or a woman, baby or child?

Is it Emotion? Heart and Soul?

The figure in the east? The woman in the west?

Do you see a woman or do you see an object?

I want you to look up at the sky.

But don't tell me how to fly.