Fuck the goals I'll never acheive
Fuck the love I swear I'll never find
Oh god, how I love to hate myself

Nooses holding up broken liquor bottles
Used their magic from the night before
I am found still laying on the floor
I need a new way to express introspection
Shards of memories, torched by rejection
The dreams you love to hate have returned

Fuck the songs I'll never write
Fuck the life I really want to have
Oh god, how I love to fuck myself over

Nosebleeds with the best of friends
A casual drink with a chemical-catastrophe
The art of death examined through these razor'd eyes
Can we ever accept our fate, the world will decide
The air of the room contained in a syringe
And the pinch of shoving it into skin

Fuck the children I'll never have
Fuck the words I couldn't bring myself to say
Oh god, how you love to see me shiver

Staring into a mirror, I can see myself decay
When I have the power, I'll wish it all away
If I were to close my eyes I'd still see my skin
And thats just the kind of hate I want to feel again