breakdown again

you could be as sweet as ever (melt in the
rain like cotton candy on the tip of my tongue)
but even sweetness won't let me forget the fact(s)
that i ble(e)d (almost) every day for you (the taste
of iron in my mouth almost just as sweet).

and today, i went to the place where i admitted
that you had changed. and where we planned
on meeting each other so many months ago.

as if the memories weren't enough, each scar is
a reminder of what i do to myself just for you.

i hope i don't break (down and cry, scratch
at my wrists) when i see you again.

July 10, 2006


author's note: i hate fictionpress sometimes. but yeah, i went to the softball field... & i felt it coming back. overall, i don't like the piece, the title, or the format but what can i say? things can't (always) be perfect.