I thought we were friends

i guessed wrong

I'm nothing to you

but you acted as if I was

you lied to me, you always have

and i believed it everytime

blinded by your false flirting

and soothing voice

you talk to me but its all fake

your just being polite, i guess

hidding the truth from me

even though its right before my eyes

i love you so much

you said you were my friend

but then it comes night fall

and it all ends

your gone again

i cant see you

even though your really there

hidding from me


i love you so much

that why it hurts so badly

im just another burden

in your precious life

im nothing more to you

then the dirt you walk on

i mean nothing to you

i never did

why couldnt you just say it

to my face?

you lead me on pretty far too

and i believed it all

took it at a whim

but now i kno the truth

found it out the hard way

that your not my friend at all

just another enemy