Out of all the things I've done, or every believed in...
I feel as if you were one that went against everything.
Tears form behind my eyes, but I don't cry. I cant. How can I when you've already taken so much from me? I wont let you take away my integrity, but...
As I try to chase my thoughts away, it feels as if I cant live a day without you.
No matter what happens, or what you say to try to chase me away... It seems like I keep coming back to you... Why?
Heh, well if I could answer that right then everything would be perfect.
These thoughts... Memories of you and me... They just keep coming back.

Whenever I close my eyes, I see you... And.. I have to say that, you...
Are the one I loved most. The one thing that I tried to hold on to, but you keep slipping away.
I see your dark figure in the distance, I reach my hand out, I call your name, but you just keep walking.
You're so far away....
Was this all meaningless? Was it all a lie? How can you lead someone on like that? You cant just play with people's emotions! It's not right to pretend to feel like that and then say it was all a lie, all a joke!
Now, filled with these heated emotions, I try. Try to forget, forget all that we did together. You have haven't you? So, why shouldn't I?
I've done everything you wanted me to do! How can you just throw me away? I don't understand what you want from me!
I try to focus, but everything's twisted.
I thought you would always be there.
You wont explain yourself to me. You keep running away.
So you push and push, until no one is near you... Until you're all alone.