Sweet Exuberant Trills

C.L. Gingerich

Creep past the guard at the door and shimmy in. Troubled souls won't bother you. Their cold hands reach for you. Sneak past them. Leap after the rabbit.

Allow no one to hinder your progress. Find the way out. All this trouble for such a small treasure. Don't fall asleep. Your feet will guide you. Your tired feet will lead you away.

Keep to the path. Follow the light at the end of the tunnel. Reach for the shadow, and you'll find sorrow. Follow me. Don't run away and come to ruin.

Climb up again. Henceforth, never give in. Grasp at the fingers reaching for you. The slippery slope wrecks your foothold. You can't fall. You'd lie dying. The cold night will close in on you.

Creep past the guard and squeeze through.