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Tell the tales of ancient bards

That speak with the night on their tongues

Sing of blood and midnight shards

Stripping breath from my icy lungs

Wise crow of the desolate

Whose corse caw sweeps across the land

Follow the forbidden path

Not the course that they have planned

Seek the truth of magick's core

Open the books they thought they'd burned

Read the tomes of sacred lore

See what wisdom shall be learned

Weary traveler through the mist

Come unto Mysteria's Lake

Ashen faces the moon has kissed

Shall rise from the surface and wake

Sometimes, I feel that it is ridiculous the way pagan poetry is so greatly hailed on this site. A great majority of the poetry is all based on the same concepts: describing certain basic rituals, describing what it means to be pagan. It is not that I am against it. I only wish to express my concern that people are taking the general subject for poetic beauty rather than the poetry itself. In short, almost all pagan poetry is greatly reviewed, whether it is a complete waste of words or not. Yes, for most it is nice to find other pagans on the web, but it is also nice to find worth while poetry too.

A Rogue Decay