I wanna meet a boy with a soul
filled to the brim with confessions
stories pumping through his veins, blue
I want a boy
if you lit him up you'd see his insides,
veins like roots and branches,
a tree searching for stars
spilling upwards to his fingertips,
(dirty from those boy things)

his toes would curl on the hardwood floor
bashfulbaby, brimming
boy with thick lashes
and even thicker skin
I would be his diary, he could fill me up
page after page and I'd never get tired
in a messy inky scrawl he'd spill his soul
like the ink spots I drop on the floor when I draw
every inch of me would be his secret
written in stone
heavier and fuller I'd grow, an old tree in a little girl
and I'd never get bored
for once
I'd be weightless for him alone

I wanna meet a boy with a soul