Vodka's Confessions

If no one is against me

Then everyone must be

Failure is starting to lose its meaning

When everyday, is full of complications

And my life becomes more demeaning

If luck is waiting on my doorstep

Then obviously it has the wrong address

I'm always hearing of second chances

But I haven't even got a first

I see their stares, and their judgmental glances

If I am to be of fame and fortune

Then I am to be another person

For I am fighting a battle of life and death

Wits being my weapon of choice

But cannot compare to their sour breath

If honesty is the best policy

Then I'll have to ignore it modestly

I am but a puppet, cut from my own strings

Lost in a box of drear and woe

Fixated with what I know tomorrow won't bring

July 12, 2006