Episode One: Tourists, Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Live Without 'Em.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Rachel's POV

I was digging through the clothes at the bottom of my closet, trying to find anything I had forgotten, and once in a while, throwing an article of clothing over my shoulder in the general direction of my bed. My family was going on a summer long vacation to Miami with Kenaz's family. Kenaz Marcee Krizan has been my best friend since we were seven years old. We grew up together, learned to skate together, and are now going on another of many vacations together.

All of a sudden something hit me on the top of my head, and a very familiar voice said "Earth to cucumber." It was Ken.

I turned around so I was looking at him. He was not quite six feet tall with brown hair to his ears, that seemed to flop against his forehead in a different way every time I saw him, and hazel eyes that changed with every change of mood. His eyes gave him away.. "What are you doing here; I wasn't expecting you for a couple hours."

"Patty was being a biz-notch, typical, and I decided to come over early and scare you." He proceeded to remark, in his light southern twang. Patty was his 38 year old cousin, who had raised him since he was seven.

"Yeah, very scary." I said, sarcasm in every word.

He raised his eyebrow, and jumped onto my bed, right on top of the clothes I was trying to pack. "I do have that scary charm, don't I"

"Hey, get off."

"Why do I have to?" I was going to say he was stinking up my clothes, but then I came up with a better reason.

"Otherwise I don't get to come with you to Miami, and you are stuck with Patty, my parents, and my brother." My 20 year old brother, David, hated Ken, I don't really know why. Maybe because he's Wiccan, or maybe for…other reasons.

He made a face of disgust. "As terrible as the option is, can't you pack with me laying here?"

"If you get the clothes out from under you."

"You could just pack me too." He grinned.

"Then my board wouldn't fit and you would have to skate alone." Or I would just steal his, and he wouldn't get to skate period.

"You can share my board too, or get a new one in Miami." As if I'm rolling in cash.

"Just get off."

"Make me."

"Even though you aren't 6 feet tall, I still can't move you." Ken was a quarter inch below 6 feet. It always bugged him.

He shot me a playful glare. "I am 6 feet when I wear shoes, smarty pants."

"Fine, be that way." I went and shoved him off the other side of my bed.

He was now sitting up on the floor looking around at the piles of clothes he brought down with him. "Do you need any help?" he asked, laughing.

"If you're willing."

"Sure. I came here ready to work. Now all I need is an apron." I had an image in my head of him running around with a French maid costume on, dusting. I laughed at my own thoughts.

"Where's my TBS shirt?" I was more asking myself than him, although sometimes he knew my room better than I did.

"I stole it." He said.

"You are the only guy I have ever known to borrow clothes from a girl."

He laughed. "I stole one of your bras before too. It's quite amusing running around the street with a bra on screaming 'Cross-dressing is fun.'" I didn't doubt it, it's just the kind of thing he would do…

"No comment."

"It is."

"Shote gamor" that means idiot in Hebrew. I was fluent in Hebrew. It came in handy when trying to confuse people…he had taken a few years of Hebrew himself, but he managed to retain not a thing but maybe a 'hello' and 'goodbye.'

"Melaphoneyboof....wait? That's not it...hell, what??" And it worked.

I laughed and pointed to the pile of t-shirts he was going through. "Just hand me that pile of t-shirts." He did so taking one out of the middle and holding on to it.

"Give it."

He held it further away and opened it so I could see which shirt it was. "You are not wearing a Princess shirt, dear.." That makes sense. It had been a present from my mom and had slipped in to the pile somehow. I didn't even mean to bring it.

"Fine, then give me back my TBS shirt."

He smiled a horribly mischievous smile. "I don't know where it is."

I rolled my eyes. "Are you done packing?"

"No. I haven't started"

"Then why are you over here?"

"I told you. Patty was being a biz-notch."

"Do we need anything nice?" I was thinking about whether to pack a dress or not.

"Money." He said. "Food for the trip there, cause we all know I get hungry on planes...peanuts! Yum."

"I mean nice clothes."

"Oh…uh...I don't think." He went into my closet and pulled out the really low-cut red dress I wore for homecoming last year. "You could bring this for fun." He grinned.

"No thanks"

"Shucks." He could be such a flirt sometimes….not that I minded. He looked in my suitcase. "I think what you have packed now is fine."

"You sure?" I went through my suit case for what must have been the hundredth time.

"Yeah. If you need something, get it there."

"Where are we staying, again?" Random, I know, but who cares?

"Don't ask me. I'm as clueless as anyone right now"

"If were in a hotel, we'll probably end up rooming together"

"Aw, I'm so sad." He replied, obviously joking.

"Yeah, I would so much rather room with David." If they made me room with David, I would scream.

"Ah, leave the poor boy alone. Just cause he's a little..."He had a pretend coughing attack. "He doesn't deserve to be dissed." He put on a fake smile.

"You can't say you like him."

"But I can pretend, right?"

"He doesn't pretend all too well."

"True true. Well, I like a little acting occasionally. He can hate me all he's against my religion to hate him." Ken was Wiccan…not exactly true Wiccan, yet not Neo-Wiccan either…he could never really explain his religious. Nevertheless, he had explained the 13 goals to me once, one of which was honoring others…he usually managed to follow it. Usually.

"Yeah, well. You should really start packing." I told him.

"Do I have to?"

"Unless you want to go naked for a month." I regretted saying that the minute it came out of my mouth.

"That would actually be kinda fun."

"Why did I say that?"

"I don't know, Cucumber. Ask yourself." Oh, well.

"Are you having dinner here tonight, or does Patty want you at home?"

"Patty probably wants me home so she can grind my head with proper vacation manners. It's vacation for cryin' out loud! Who's frickin' cares?" He sighed "Oh well, I'll think lovely thoughts! I'll see ya tomorrow, I guess. What time are we supposed to be at the airport?"

"11:00 I think."

"Dang...that's early." Ken could sleep a whole day away if he had the opportunity.

"Not that early. You won't have to get up till 8 or so."

He frowned. "I want to sleep in...Oh well. A fun plane ride awaits us." He gave me a good-bye hug. "See ya tomorrow. Good night."

"Night, firefly." He left, home to packing, and Patty…

Kenaz's POV

Thanks to my walkman and ever faithful Taking Back Sunday CD, the skate home only seemed to consist of the music and programmed role of the board in my head. I was completely oblivious to the dogs and their barking and the cars and their humming. When I reached the house, I popped the board into my grip and walked into the porch. As I was getting ready to open the door, it opened and Bruce stood there, looking me in the eye. After about a minute of standing there face-to-face, he finally moved so that I could come inside. I hate that man...okay, I don't hate him. It's not right to hate, or as I tell Rachel, it's against my religion. And it really a way, anyway. Patty and he had been dating for about two years and they were now engaged. For some reason, Bruce had this utter despise of me...then again, who didn't? If he was going to be living with Patty, it looks like he'd be living with me also. I had lived my past ten years with Patty, and the only reason I survived those ten years was Rachel. I remember the day I met her like it was yesterday. We were merely seven, but from that point on, we had grown up together.

I walked into the kitchen, where Patty was eating Taco Bell. Her brown hair was pulled in a work-style bun and she wore a blue sleeveless blouse with a black knee-length skirt. Her light brown eyes were cold, as they usually were. She handed me a taco and a small coke and politely told me to get out of her face. I, without argument, went to my room and closed the door. I put on a mix CD and pulled out some shirts and pants to bring. We were going to be in Miami for about two months, but since there were laundry mats around every corner, we'd only needed like seven outfits. So, I ate the taco, listened to music, and packed for the next hour or two. Talk about multi-tasking. I was a fast packer, cause I really didn't care what I brought. most of the time was spent pulling T-shirts out of my pitiful excuse for a closet.

As long as I was wearing something for the next month, I was happy. Finally! A month away from everything...well, Patty and Bruce were coming, but they'd be so occupied with Rachel's parents that they'd forget I was even there. that means that Rachel and I were basically on our own for a month! Of course, evil David, Rachel's older brother, would be there, but that's easily taken care of...I laughed at my impossible murderous ideas. Nah, Rach and I can just get him hooked up with some chick. That's deadly enough for my humor. After all, the Greeks always said that women were put on earth to destroy the male race. Now hopefully, I can use that on David to my advantage. I shook my head and finished up the packing.

I went back into the kitchen and Patty started talking. "You know, you and Rachel have a lot of responsibility...." blah blah blah...I was expecting this. "And, I don't need to hear anything about your two getting yourselves into trouble..." more blah blah blah. Her little lecture went on for a little longer, but I mostly blanked it out until I heard her say "Do you understand?"

I nodded. "I'd understand even without the waste of five minutes."

She glared a little but still said "Good. Make sure you're up by seven tomorrow. We're meeting the Levine's at their house."

I nodded again and went back to my room, after mumbling a "good night." I decided to sleep in my clothes and jumped into bed. thanks to the handy remote to my stereo, I turned down the CD a little and slowly drifted off to sleep listening to "Jaded" by Mest.

Damn you, alarm clock! I groaned and turned the little knob thing off and made the hideous beeping stop. I rolled out of bed and got ready to go, dressing in khaki shorts and a navy blue Jimmy Eat World shirt. I walked into the hallway with the travel bag and my headphones over my ears. Patty and Bruce were still fast asleep, figures, so I told their sleeping selves that I was leaving early and I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed some ice cream. I am one of the few peoples that eats ice cream for breakfast. Yum yum. I walked out the door, a bowl of ice cream still in my hand. Since I wasn't a heavy packer, I just dragged the travel bag to Rachel's house, five houses down and knocked on the door. David answered it, in his gray sweatpants and white wife beater and rolled his eyes and let me inside. I thanked him and he just walked away. How polite. So, I ran upstairs and opened the door to Rachel's room. She was still asleep, her shoulder length black hair back in a now messy ponytail, and her dark brown eyes, closed in a pleasant dream-state. Aww, how cute...I grinned. Well, she was sleeping now, but not for long. Time for a friendly awakening.

I set down my bag and walked over quietly to her bed. I made sure that I was as quiet as possible. One foot up and then the other. Now, I was standing on her bed, and she still hadn't woken up. I grinned and started jumping up and down. "KENAZ!!!" she groaned, yelled, and yawned all at once, waking up.

I laughed and kept doing my little jumping thing till she grabbed my leg and made me fall. Luckily, I fell onto the bed beside her. I laughed again. "Guess what????" I said, as loud and obnoxious as I could.

"Chicken butt..." she said, wiping her eyes, tired.

"I had chocolate ice cream this morning!!!!!!"

She groaned. "I'm happy for you."

I smiled and started tickling her under the covers. "Chocolate ice cream makes me very hyper!!" I said, over her laughing. She managed to roll her eyes and crawl out of bed and away from my tickling attack. "OOO!" I shot up and out of her bed. "Do you want some?" I sped over to where I had set the bowl down, and it still had some ice cream in it.

"No thanks." she went into the powder room attached to her bedroom and closed the door.

"You mean, I can't watch you change?" I yelled after her.

I heard her laugh. "No, firefly."

I laughed and took another bite of ice cream. She came out of the bathroom, dressed in jeans and a Brand New shirt. "Good morning." I recited, as if I was a really bad commercial. She gave me that little 'are you insane' look and shook her head. I smiled and she grabbed my wrist and pulled me downstairs. Today was going to be a fun day. I just knew it. A plane ride with Rachel...she didn't know how much I liked peanuts...yet. Well, you learn something new everyday!

Amy's POV

"Amy!" I cracked open one eye and yawned. Who was being mean enough to disturb what little peace and quiet I got? I sat up and peeked through the branches of the tree. Great. What did Angel want now? "Amethyst Jade Thomas, where are you?!"

I winced. She only called me by my full name when she was really pissed. What could I have done to tick her off this time? Hog the bathroom too long this morning? Borrow a hairbrush? Live? Of course, someone else could have done something and left me to take the blame. Yes, that was definitely the most likely choice. What didn't I get blamed for? I was everyone's little scape goat. Then again, Angel wasn't exactly my most easiest sister to please. And living with three others who want to be like her, well, let's just say it was hell in my house. Especially since mom ran off with that stupid rich, handsome dude and left dad to raise us himself. He's done a pretty good job, I guess. He doesn't really notice how I always get the blame, but he does pay the bills and feed us and whatever so I'm grateful. My sisters however, not so grateful for. Amanda's a whiney brat, Amelia's obsessed with color coding things, Ashley is practically Angel's shadow and where did that leave me? The family runt. Youngest of four older, perfect, popular, preps. The one everyone looks down on.

Being the youngest sucks big time.

"What do you want?" I called down in a I'm-not-in-the-mood-for-your-crap voice. She glared up at me.

"What are you doing in that tree?" I rolled my eyes.

"Sleeping. At least I WAS." She shook her head, exasperated.

"Alright, where is it?"

"It being...?"

"You know! What did you do with my blush?" I scoffed.

"As if I would take your face paint."


"Same thing!"

"You're impossible, you know that?"

"Thank you." She sighed again.

"Just tell me where it is." I raised an eyebrow.

"Remind me, dear sister, what I, the 'ugly family runt' , would be doing with your-" Face paint. "- make-up."

"Duh, trying to make yourself look as great as me, even though it, like, totally won't work." I glared.

"Yeah. Right. Try Ashley's room." She turned on her heel and stormed away. I made myself comfortable again, but my previous moment of peace was gone. I jumped out of the tree, landing comfortably on my two feet. Six years of practically living in trees will do that to you. Climbing trees is my favorite pastime next to listening to music and skateboarding. I used to climb them a lot when we lived farther in downtown Miami, just for fun, but then we moved when Mom left and I didn't climb for awhile. Now I only go in them to sleep, think, or when I just can't think of anything to do. The high altitude relaxes me. I glanced up at my tree, then began to follow Angel inside when…

"Yo, AJ!" Only one person called me that. I turned to see my best (and only) friend, Twister, racing towards me on his skateboard. I've known Twist since we were, like, eight. We met at the park. He was that weird little kid who was trying to get the hang of skateboarding and kept falling on his face. I was there with my mom, dad, and sisters and I felt bad for the kid so I decided to help him. I guess you could say we've been friends ever since. His real name's Francis Isaiah Charlemagne, but who wants to go through life with a name like that? So I named him Twister after that Rocket Power dude with the red hat because Twist likes red and he likes Rocket Power. He stopped and tried to catch his breath.

"Hey Twist. What's up?" He smiled at me and flipped his board into his hands.

"Hey, you up for something stupid and dangerous?" I grinned like a five year old being handed a huge Mickey Mouse lollipop. If there was one thing I LIVED for, it was stupid dangerous, and usually fun, things. Twister knew this better than anybody. I was majorly energized when it came to this. "Take that as a yes?"

"Heck yeah. Where are we going?"



"Those summer tourists are coming. We're going down to the airport and bugging them." I smirked. Tourists were easy game. Coming to Miami as if it was some great place. Okay so the beaches were great and the people were generally nice. But they didn't know that. I remembered the time Twister and I had told this old lady and her two sons that half of Miami was burning down and they had to get back on the plane. It took five security officers, two police men, and one tall guy named Jacques to get her off the plane. Thankfully, the shock from seeing all those people and being on the news made her forget the two little teens who had told her the story in the first place.


"Of course. Grab your board and let's go. They arrive in thirty minutes." I did as I was told and soon Twister and I were zipping through the streets, heading for the Miami Airport.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is the beginning to a humungo series thing that has been going on for like two years now. It may seem very scattered, but so are the lives of these people we have created….we created them and started to live as them….and created some of the deepest characters we've ever had. They're more then characters, they're a part of us. This all starts off kinda slow….but gradually as the characters begin to break through, you'll see them all develop. There were three main authors working, and when season two comes around, some more start coming in there…

For all future reference

Things in italics are usually things that the characters write, either journals or songs or letters something…

Now, there are some time skips, so make sure you pay attention to the dates. Sometimes there's like a pOV every day..sometimes there's a POV every like two weeks. We're gonna try to keep updating steadily! Like once a week or every two weeks or something…anyone who wants to help with EPBP, feel free to leave an email. reached Teresz. Or the email adress for everyone is on the author's page! The story is still running, in modern time. So the characters are older and more mature and all…we wrote all this stuff mostly on the dates that the scenes occurred. It's a very interesting way to try writing…very fun though. So those that start reading, beware, it's a continuing work…there is no center conflict. The only center conflict is LIFE…hey, that's a conflict enough… -Teresz