Author's Note: Whew...poems are the ones falling into my brain these days...and not stories!!!!! Waaaah!!!!! :( Ah well, next time I'll come up with a really great story...hehehe ;) Here's a poem for the people who have fallen and learned...I guess that's pretty much self-explanatory... ;D Read and review please!!!!! :)

Stake To The Heart

I've let my barriers down, much to my regret
Yet I've learned a lesson that I'd never forget
I'm wobbly on my feet, for it happened too fast
And as for you, these words here now are my last

To smile at the thought of you, laugh with you
Those times have flashed by, more swiftly than I knew
Now I'm left here to ask myself why
I tried my best then, but I will not cry

So sweet was the illusion, so bitter the reality
My happiness is falling apart before me
I'd given everything...everything in vain
How stupid I must be, not to have foreseen this pain

And now there's nothing in the world I can do
I can't seem to get through to you
So I guess it's better to say farewell
You don't need me around, that much I can tell

So now I'm putting my mask back on, for when you see me again
It won't be the same anymore, yet I thank you my friend
You taught me something, taught it the hard way
And now it's time to go, this is the last thing I will say.

Author's Note: Yeah!!!!! :D I love this poem...states exactly what I feel...more to come soon I guess... ;)