Wild Wild West

Miracle Knights: Wild Wild West Style

Author's Note: This story is based off my own story on ; I've used some of the characters from Miracle knights but the storyline is in no way related.

Now to the story...


The handsome young teen sighed as he turned to see his beautiful model girlfriend, Nina Akira McKenzie. His tired green eyes stayed intent on the water as he kept his pan in the water, looking for gold though he truly didn't need anymore money. 'Gold,' he thought to himself, it was the only thought he tried to keep on his mind. The young lad tried his hardest to not think of the past and of the past stories his grandpa told him.

This place... wasn't at all what the easterners said... a place of great wealth... a wealth of dirt, if you asked Ken. To be honest, that wasn't really why he came... it was only what he told his girlfriend. He didn't know why he came or at least, he hadn't accepted the truth of the reason. He stood up and exercised for moment to relax his muscles. Nina smiled a genuine smile as she put her overly taken cared of brown hair into a high ponytail while removing the bangs from her face; Ken had always love to see the frame of her face. Her smile turned to a worried frown within seconds, her blue eyes reflecting her very soul. She felt worry for the raven haired teen with the tanned skin... she hated when she knew that he was hiding something from her.

"Hey Ken!" Another male's voice called from behind the couple. Ken wasn't sure whether to respond or ignore the voice.

"Whats it to ya?" Ken asked, not once looking back to see who it was. He heard running and the person was running to him so, immediately, decided to turn to see who it was. It was his cousin: Haji Escuro Espirito. Ken smiled for a moment, seeing his cousin reminded him of his grandfather whom he looked a lot alike. "Haji?..."

Haji's hazel eyes showed of fatigue as he ran until he stood about about a foot way from him, he began to speak with a problem he had never had, stuttering: "Ken... I-I-I th-think I found something!" His native american like hair stuck to his face because of sweat as he panted while his face showed of fear. Haji was not one to show fear though he became afraid... he generally never showed it... for that reason, it caused a chill to go up Nina and Ken's spines as neither one of them decided in their heart that they weren't sure if they wanted to go see it.

"Are you sure?" Nina asked, her voice shaky. She didn't want to show any fear in front of Ken because she couldn't stand the thought of Ken thinking he had any type of advantage against her. Still, she wasn't going to have anyone take any unnecessary risks especially since no one really needed to do anything. They were rich beyond rich, but she felt bad for being here because she felt: selfish beyond selfish... looking for something to get even more rich. "We should really--"

"No! We're not leaving right now!" Ken interrupted her, his voice a bit annoyed and cold. He glared at her while she seemed a bit fazed by it but then decided to not allow him to see her emotions being hurt. So, naturally, she crossed her arms and glared at him back with an stronger look in her eyes. "Where did you find this --- thing?" Ken asked, glancing at Haji whom was on the ground trying to find something out of his luggage. Annoyance filtered through Ken's mind as he saw him not responding to him but getting something that was unrelated to him but for Nina out the bag.

Nina smiled as she grabbed the water bottle that Haji had taken out for her. It was strange, she never really trusted him yet she found herself really attached even attracted at times. "Thank you, Haji!" Nina chirped while opening her water bottle and waiting for Ken to find a reason to get an argument with her. That seemed like the only thing they did was argue... about this and that... things that really made no sense. He was so stubborn and at times cold to her, but it wasn't like she would have ever expected it to be any different. Then again, she was always trying to change him into someone else... someone more similar to her and her father. To some who didn't understand the two... they would appear as two teens who just constantly bicker and seem to not care for one another. To the contrary, they truly loved one another... he would risk his life for her at any given moment in time... he, of course, would never admit that.

Finally, Haji stopped looking through his luggage and found what he was looking for. It was a journal, an obviously old one by the appearance. The edges were rippled, the cover a bit dusty, and looked like with one wrong touch and it'll all fall to pieces. Grabbing onto the notebook, as softly as possible, he opened it up to a page that seemed unaffected by age. Ken turned around seemingly amused by the smile on his cousin's face and the confused look on his girlfriend's. That was something you don't see everyday... he never saw Haji look truly happy and hardly ever saw Nina look confused, she was always the know-it-all who seemed to do nothing wrong thus the nickname 'Ms .Perfect.' whom always found everyone else's wrong and proudly pointing them out, not realizing how it would hurt the other person's feelings. "Ken, come here..." They both called out in unison.

He stared at the two, and his eyes showed of approval while he tries to keep from showing his hundred watt smile. He tried to always fool the two with his emotion but neither had the ability to be fooled in such a way. They knew that eyes were the only true thing that showed one's emotions. Ken walked over and before he could take a good look, he heard through Haji's Italian blended with a tinge of Arabic accent say in a quiet voice: "Don't they seem familiar?" His hazel eyes glowing with something Ken couldn't identify... maybe he was reminiscing about something. "Like something grandfather spoke about?"

Ken frowned as he took the picture away from him and stared at the two beautiful woman who appeared on the picture. They were absolutely beautiful; they were so bountiful in good looks that they looked like a god that the Romans would worship. "Ah yes..." Ken gasped as he appeared to blushing a deep red as he stared at the picture, "they look just like the females in the story."

"What story?" Nina asked out of the fact that she always wanted to learn about everything.

"Oh..." Ken silently questioned her as he scooted near her, poking her in her shoulder and then tried to make his voice sound spooky, "No one ever told you the legend of the two maidens that protect this land?" He smiled a wide gigantic smile since he was happy to know of something that she had not a clue of.

The legend was an interesting one... it spoke of two females who lived in the western part of the states... and protected it and killed off many because of the deaths of their ancestors or so many believed they were the ancestors of the Native Americans though there has never been any proof. They attract men with their beauty beyond what is even normal for a man to ever see, and they'll see if the man is worth keeping alive after going through test that the man would never know he was going through.

Most people call them the warriors of hope and purity but Ken's grandfather called them by the names: Mis'o'chi and Catsy. He seemed to know more about them than anyone who ever spoke of them... he once said to Ken and his cousin that he and his cousin had seen the warriors in person. He said they were lonely creatures and had no hope of finding love. Gentle and kind were their true natures but once one made a mistake, they were done for.

Before their so-called meeting with his grandfather, he once said they would actually kill a family of a certain gene pool if they were the main person responsible for the death of Native Americans. The one named Mis'o'chi distrusted almost all humans and only allowed their grandpa and his cousin to see the true her... she later fell in love with his grandpa but he told her, he would return to her one day... they say she still waits for him and on the full moon, you could hear the melody of her song that she sung the night he left.

Catsy had tried not to get involved with human affair but had a hard time with her curiosity taking over. She began to take an interest in their great uncle who happened to look like Ken. Neither one of them tried to stay together even after the admitting their emotions to one another... she said they'd see each other... she still searches for him since the day he left though in her heart, she knows he's long gone.

They don't come out as much anymore.. they see if they do, they might be angry and begin to seek vengeance once again and no one is quite sure how they'd react to one who appear to be like the descendant of the ones that fell in love with.

"Ah! Don't worry!" Ken busted out during a laugh as he kept his hand on Nina's back, "It's not real... besides... It's only a myth!" He hugged her from the side tight as he kissed her forehead and decided it was time to go...

Suddenly, thier horses stopped walking out from the place they were leaving and while they were going back, they heard two beautiful voices with native american music in the background singing to a song that said 'goodbye and I'll see you again, my love.'