Yeah, everything looks perfect in a fogged reflection

Reality looks perfect in a flawed perception

Everything looks beautiful in a light's refraction

Everything looks ugly in someone's eyes…

Life's beautiful contradictions.


They call her tragedy because that's all she knows,

She never had anybody to love her, and it shows.

The years she's spending alone are eating her apart inside,

There's no one that she can go to when she wants to hide,

Your lies won't kill her now,

Misery has given up on that girl somehow.


Break her down with your presence,

Build her up by manipulating her inferiority complex,

Treat her like you would if you actually loved her,

Then break her heart so she knows it was all a lie,

Break her heart to teach her how to cry.


Her life will wear her down,

But it will never break her,

She will never make a sound.


You will kill her; use her, abuse the girl…

But she will still love you with all her world

All these wounds will never leave scars on her skin,

You thought she lost…but you didn't win.