"Raytha get up!" a girl with short black hair in a pink headband yells to her sleeping mirror image. "What, What do you want Rayka" The mirror image replies "Raytha Its Saturday you know the 19th!" "Saturday the 19th so" Raytha says still half asleep. "Raytha the concert" Rayka yells "Come on!" "Oh No" Raytha yells as she quickly gets up. The two sisters quickly got ready. They were going to be late to a concert they have bane planning for a year very soon. "But how" Raytha says shaking her head and pulls on a black shirt and a short skirt. "We missed our alarm clock that's how" Rayka says as she pulls on a pink shirt and a pair of black leather pants. "I know that but I for got all about the concert" Raytha says angrily "How did you get up in time?" "Are you two ready yet, were going to be late" A boy yells from downstairs. "Duh, the boy that never forgets a thing he would never forget to set his alarm clock." Raytha says rolling her eyes.

"Raytha I'm glad that Riyith didn't forget and to let you know Rayith didn't forget either and he always forgets" Rayka says grabbing her purse and running down the stares. "Hey stop talking about me" another boy yells up the stares "Sorry Rayith" Rayka says "Rayka, Raytha just hurry up before we're late the first boy yells "We know Riyith we know" Both the girls yell. "Why are we even waiting, you have your own bikes" Riyith says sarcastically "Yes but we don't know the way and are you really going to let your twin sisters get lost and run out of gas and then well have to hitchhike home and…" Raytha starts "Okay, okay I get it we're waiting" Riyith says quickly.

The four siblings went to the concert and made it just in time to see the band perform the second song of the night at least there were many more that night they got home at 1:32am

"That was so fun was it not?" Raytha says happily. "That was the best" Rayka says happy as well. "Yah, it really was" Riyith says with a smile "Wow Riyith actually said something positive for once" Raytha says "Oh shut up Raytha" Riyith says annoyed "Make me" Raytha says sticking out her tong "You are so immature Raytha" Riyith says rolling his eyes. "I know you are but what am I" Says mockingly "Vary immature" Riyith says very matter-O-factley "I am rubber your glue whatever you say bounces off of me and shlics to you" She says slurring her words together. "I think you mean sticks to me" Riyith says snickering "Well, What ever at least, at least I'm, pretty" She says then passes out and falls face first on the floor." Yah very petty, Good night I guess" Riyith says rolling his eyes

"Good night and sorry guys … whenever we go some ware she always gets drunk gets in an argument with Riyith and then passes out on the floor" Rayith says in an oddly cold tone "Hello Aku can we have Rayith back" Rayka says softly "No I like it right hear okay with you" Rayith says smiling "You know you can really be a pain" Rayka say clenching her fists "I like being a pain" Aku says with a cruel smile "I know you do your one every time you come out so that gives away that secret" Rayka says angrily "So young so bitter" Aku laughs "Aku go on there is no reason that Rayith needs you now so just leave him and us alone" Riyith says "Yah Right like that will ever happen" Aku says rolling his eyes. "Aku go away just leave and never come back no one wants you here no one likes you just leave us and Rayith alone!" Rayka yells. "Oh, um well if you really hate me that much then, well" Aku starts to stutter. "No its not that we do not like you Aku it's just that we want our brother back and you well you aren't him that's all there is to it." Riyith says trying to be a little more sensitive to Aku's feelings.

"You know its 1:50 in the morning lets just go to bed and figure things out in the morning okay" Riyith says with a small smile. "Sounds good to me how 'bout you Aku" Rayka says. "Okay well then maybe I'll see you in the morning maybe I wont, Good night" Aku says as he walks outside and curls up in a little dog house and falls fast asleep. "Wow I will never understand that kid" Rayka says softly. "Me neither, so we going to let him sleep out there or bring him in" Riyith says with a small giggle. "Just let him sleep" Rayka say as she goes upstairs and goes to sleep. "Okay good night I guess Rayka, Raytha, Rayith, and even you Aku" he says as he covers up Raytha and then goes up stairs to his room and goes to sleep himself.