My Parents Are Idiots

I have fools for parents. After thirteen years of a custody and child support arrangement that hasn't been working, they suddenly decide that they should sue each other now. I am sixteen-years-old, and I have parents that are acting like twelve-year-olds (not to offend twelve-year-olds). I've made them aware for at least a year now that I plan on becoming an emancipated minor. My mother, who is my primary custodial parent, has told me that as long as I don't need her to support me when I move out, which I will not, she will not contest the emancipation.

Why is it that they need to take each other to court now? This is something that they both insist that they want to avoid: yet neither one of them is willing to act like an adult and work out an arrangement for payback of child support. My father does not own a car, and cannot transport me from my house to his house on a bike, and my mother is moving three hours away, which is how this all started in the first place. If they don't want to go to court, why is it that they refuse to talk to each other? They call each other on the telephone, scream and cry, and then one of them hangs up. I'm, for some reason, supposed to be mediating this.

If either one of them cared at all about the fact that maybe I don't want to live with either one of them, and maybe I don't want to live with a custody battle now, they would act like the adults they claim to be. I'm told that I'm immature, yet I'm the only one who doesn't become hysterical when talking to either one of them. Do they at all realize what it is that they are asking me to do? I'm supposed to be perfectly willing to testify in court against one or the other, when I don't really get along with either one of them. If I stay with my mother, then I'm dragged into an area that I think is really overrated. If I live with my father, I basically have to sleep on the floor, get a job, and support myself, just so I can live by his rules. Thanks, but no thanks. If I have a job, and I can afford to support myself, I will not live by anybody's rules.

I asked my father for a long time if I could move in with him, and each time I was told no, because he can't support me. Now, suddenly, even though he doesn't have $25.00 a week for child support, he thinks he'll be able to support me. I will have to arrange health insurance for myself, pick up my prescriptions, cook for myself, and basically provide most of my own care, just so he can tell me what I can do on a Friday night? I don't think so for one second.

My mother believes that I should move to Ithaca with her, because she thinks that if I complete my last year of high school in Ithaca, I'll be able to go to Cornell University or Ithaca College. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe I DON'T WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE IN ITHACA? I make choices regarding my college education. My mother cannot dictate where I will go to college, what I will major in, or even IF I will go to college. I don't see any reason to go to Ithaca and get an apartment there, when I've seen the prices of apartments rented to college students. That's entirely beside the fact that one of the main reasons that I want to get emancipated is so that I WON'T HAVE TO CHANGE SCHOOLS. I thought that I had made this abundantly clear. Apparently, in that assumption, I was incorrect.

I told them that I am not going to testify in court under any circumstances. If I get subpoenaed, I will tell the judge exactly what I just wrote down. I don't want to live with either one of them. I don't want to be told how to finish my education, and I don't want to support myself so that my father can scream and yell at me because he thinks that I stayed out too late. They'll take this to court, and both of them will seem like idiots. If I were a judge, I would laugh them right out of the courtroom. They refuse to speak to each other like two adults, and the child who they are fighting over has no intention of staying with either one of them. My parents are idiots.