Like Lovers (we dance in colorless skin

we were laughter
echoing across skin
tasting like mandarin orange and mt. dew,
they smile thinking
we're doing something illegal
(and just maybe - we are)

legs touching lightly
it's the heat seeping through pants
and i think of
the close softness of skin and rushing breath.
it was dark out,
just the rain and the stars and
and us.

something about
the darkness of your complexion
(the curve of your mouth, skin taunt against bones, elbows,
your shoed feet smashing my bare ones, your loud voice against
my soft one, hips and bones simply
crossing over)
i was pale, soft, and faded
with our arms lightly

and now
we our mocha, mixed and seeing
in shades of gray.

we blend like watercolors when
the rain flooded our mouths,
and our laughter drowned out
anything but
the light reflecting off our
shades of brown,
the blackest black on the whitest white on the blackest black...

i figured it all out when we're sitting on a picnic table,
blue -flushing you out and
bringing out the darkest depths of me,
that we could never belong to each other
when we already
belong to the world.

we became transparent
our skin combined and we spelt out
with fingerprints.