Faded memories line her walls,

She sits there wondering what happens if she falls,

She's got this self image so full of grace,

She's so afraid of tears running down her face.

She wants so badly to betray every promise she's ever made,

Wants to re-open the wounds,

She'll never let the scars fade.

She wants to know what it's like to be real,

When it is not just pain you feel,

She wants people to cut the drama and cut the bullshit,

Feels like telling everyone to loosen up a bit.

She wants people to remember her,

But she can't help but want to hide,

Her life's gone by in such a blur,

It's a miracle…she's only dead inside.

She'll never hang her head…no,

No matter what she's lost,

Her inferiority she'll never show,

Despite her inferiority, she keeps her head towards the sky,

Thinking maybe someone will give the answer to 'Why?'

Despite all she says, that girl is not fine,

Despite how different we sound,

The heart beating inside the girl….is mine.