She is a mean person,

On the inside,

She hates her friends,

On the inside,

She wants to hide,

On the inside.

But she is compassionate,

And she is caring,

She is bold,

And ever so daring,

She is startlingly honest,

And she is herself.

Dear you,

I thought you knew,

That I care about more than new fashions,

New handbags, and hairstyles, and terrible trends,

I am compassionate,

Not fashionable,

Not that I couldn't be,

But I can see,

That there are more than clothes involved,

When it comes to being me.

And she is compassionate,

And she cares about you,

She is bold and daring,

And startlingly honest,

But so are you,

You just can't see it yet.

Fight to keep who you are, not what you are, alive.