Chapter 3: Bingo

David Henderson was born in the year 2547 on Earth, and grew up in a very poor neighborhood. He bashed open his head twice: Once in fourth grade and eighth grade. The second time around, the doctor had to insert two artificial sensory receptors to keep David's perception of sense intact. It was those same receptors that now guided David as he walked through an automatic blast door in the Silo, Clamp Rifle at the ready. He looked around at the rumbling machinery, decided it was safe, and moved forward cautiously. All he could hear was the thump-thump-thump of the machines at work and his own echoed footsteps.

Be calm, Henderson, he tried to assure himself. You're here for a reason. Do your job, get some gold and buy a nice big house somewhere quiet.

Henderson stopped in front of another door and looked behind him before opening it. He stepped inside a circular room with grey walls. A dead Trooper lay face up in a pool of blood in the middle of the room. David looked around the room for hidden traps before inching up to the body.

He felt the dead Trooper's neck and found dog tags.

Feelings of dread washed up in David Henderson as he detached the dog tags from the body. Why are there still dog tags on this Trooper? Maybe Gils didn't have enough time to retrieve them?

He held the dog tags up to his face and flipped them upside down.

"Pvt. Jones Meichan 2300486690 VIMA"

David felt bad as he put the dog tags in his coat pocket. The boys in front of him were fighting and dying while he was bringing up the rear.

Something shimmered behind him, and the silver chrome armor of a Ninja Wolf appeared, wrist blades raised.


Dread Castle, Albury, Quaken

Alpha Syche 'Quale looked intently at the star holomap that was spinning on his desk. On it was the solar system, with eleven planets revolving around Sol. He removed his mask and placed it down beside the holomap before going back to his search. With a stylus, he pointed at Mars. He then moved the stylus to Earth. A red trail appeared, starting at Mars and ending at Earth. Syche then continued the red line from Earth to Jupiter, then to Saturn. Finally, he traced his path to Venus and Mercury. Syche stepped back, looking at the holomap. There was now a giant circular symbol traced using the red stylus.

Syche called up a holographic chart, revealing a crop circle that had appeared nearly 500 years ago. The circular symbol shapes matched.

He smiled. Bingo.