seems like yesterday
she swung her door open to me for the last time.

she laughed
and i can hear her in my own laughter today as i rest against the tudor brick wall.
she asked me how my schoolwork was going
just because she didn't know what else to say,and
the devils had begun to eat her away.

so i saw her stone today.Lisa June Laity,just forty three,and "though you are gone our love will live forever"
words which didn't seem to connect to her at all.
and i sat on the grass with flowers pressing against my palm,while a wedding took place beside me.
this was the church she was married in.just seven years ago.
a bride stepped out of the car,radiant smile adorning her face,she walked into the church,followed by such happy people and
my mother cried then,
said that it felt surreal that only seven years ago,her sister was married here,and now her name was chalked into a rememberance square in the corner of the graveyard
where nobody ever goes.
i traced her name into the stone with my finger
and the dates with my long nails.felt the sadness well up in my throat and all my memorys of her spin out around me.
she had been too young to die.
its been so long,and still i can't believe she's really gone

& oh,she died
in november.

and this is what cancer stole from me.