The ladies wore cream colored coats with yellow dresses bought in bulk.
They filed out of an alright church and onto the park grounds to stand under a birch;
There they stood and talked real fast
-told some jokes and anecdotes
-said big words and loudly laughed.
All about the Bartleby Book club
About the newest joke of Bartleby.
But the one who caught his eye,
That poor beggar from Pompei
That's the road that's of Carnegie and Roos.

She was in the middle of the pack,
The one who didn't quite talk so fast,
Just not quite loud in her laugh,
And she clutched her cream white coat tighter than the rest.

So then he sidled close
As she clutched tighter her coat.
And he said, "I may just be a bum, but hear me.
"I might not talk so good.
"Don't know 'bout you and all your books.
"But honey, I'll be the only one to love you like I do."
She didn't seem impressed,
But he thought he might as well say the rest.
So he met her lidded eyes and next he said,
"When you need, I'll hold ya close.
"When you ask, leave you alone.
"And I'll listen more than any other feller' in a car."

"Honey, when you live with me.
"We'd be livin' in the street.
"So baby, we'd hafta crash at your place for a spell.
"I drink and I get roarin' drunk.
"And I'm not gonna open up,
Not gonna be around to hold you when I mad."

But I'll show you in my eyes
How lucky we are to be alive
'Cause honey, baby, you ain't seen the worst
With you, I won't worry 'bout what I heard
'Cause I'll already know you word for word
I'll protect you and fix your problems, though there's no way in Hell I can
What's that feller? Prince Charmingn on a horse?
That, I'll be that feller from ya books
I'll fail and mess up every day
But I'll spend years making it up to you on bended knee
And when you get mad, I'll let you take a swing at me
I'll fetch a bottle 'a gin and we'll make it all better

But I won't talk all pretty and I won't dress so nice.