Chapter 1

Planet Bablon was a lush world full of color and nature. It had a medieval look to it for the people and their royals prefer to keep their old ways, but enhance them with new technological advances. The people of Bablon keep alive the ways of the old in an effort to not forget who they were and where they came from. It was interesting to see, but it made me wonder how the royals kept their people safe if they would not take the technology to monitor the people by thought.

I must be too used to mother when she spontaneously vanished to take care of someone doing wrong. I begin to think everyone has that power.

The Bablon castle was large and vast, an encircling fortress around their capital city to protect from invasion. The castle had the most lush and colorful gardens and I was treated to viewing them while my brother and surviving father did business with the Bablon King. The maid who guided me here said that this was where the heart of Bablon was, and it was greatly taken care of, for if it died out, then all of Bablon's lands would. It's people soon following.

She left me on my own to view it. It did not matter to me, I enjoyed my solitude. I could hear the trickling of water nearby and the sounds of various birds flying in and out of the garden through its large, open windows. My dress hem just skirted the gravel of the pathway as I weaved in and out of the rows of various plant life. The maid who had lead me here said I was allowed to pick but one flower for myself if I desired, and I did.

It was a magnificent blue flower with four large, drooping petals and a tall pink stigma in the middle. I placed it behind my ear and fastened it with the pin that held back my hair. It smelled sweet. I was smiling, pleased of my selection when I turned and was run over by a man.

I had no idea it was the Prince of Bablon when I cursed.

"Forgive me my Lady," he bowed low and that's when I knew my mistake of cursing in front of him, a royal who's house I am a guest in. I flushed and apologized quickly. "Do not apologize for my mistake of running into a beautiful Princess like yourself." He raised his head to me and looked at me with his chocolate eyes. The Prince had tanned skin and dark hair that was long past his ears and just brushing his jaw line, he even had a collection of stubble at the base of his chin. My face flushed immediately.

"I still apologize for my behavior before you." I curtseyed respectively. "It was irresponsible." The Prince only smiled charmingly, flashing his white teeth and took my hand in his large, warm, and battle roughened one. I hadn't noticed he was wearing something like armor over his dark blue silk shirt, but it wasn't very much covering his upper body.

"Well, if you insist, your apology has been humbly accepted." I shared his smiled.

"Your armor… does not look to be covering you well." I remarked. He looked down then became surprised.

"I forgot I was still wearing this thing! My apologizes, but after coming out of the training room I heard of your arrival. I was eager to meet you so changing must've slipped my mind." He explained and I could tell he now felt embarrassed for coming to me in such a state. "It's only training armor, full battle armor is still being enhanced by our scientists."

"So, you are using your technology?"

"Of course, we just like the old way of living." He smiled warmly. He must make the handmaids swoon whenever he walked by. "I trust your journey was safe, Princess?"

"Yes my Lord Prince." I paused, remembering that I had forgotten to properly introduce myself even though we already knew who each other was. "Oh, we're full of forgetting ourselves today, dear Prince! I am Princess Zaquĭ of Trinity." I performed the formal courtesy then rose to met his greeting. Our timing may have been late, but I felt it still necessary. The Prince smiled and did his bow.

"I am Prince of Bablon, Jhaptal." He rose then smiled genuinely. His eyes glowed warmly as he took in my features. I hadn't done much to myself for the visit here. I just plaited my hair with blue ribbons and beads strewn in. I wore a blue robe-like dress with floral patterns of a lighter shade, and with a matching corset that was snapped and tied over my middle. My neckline dipped low and disappeared beneath the corset and my sleeves were wide and long past my finger tips. For me it was plain but to other's they found it beautiful. Prince Jhaptal took my arm and lead me around the gardens pointing out every object and telling me stories of events that had taken place here.

I giggled at his tale of a sparring match where he had assumingly fallen his opponent but was tricked and ambushed by fellow sparring partners.

"They only won that match because I had not expected it." he claimed proudly. He was a proud man, with the physique of an acrobat. We had stopped walking and he was looking up at an impossibly high perch where a Red Bird now sat. He smiled smugly and I anticipated his move.

"You are not seriously going to get up there?" I exclaimed astonished.

"Perhaps," he smiled then took off his armor and under shirt. His torso gleamed in the sunlight that came through the various windows. He looked like a god. "Perhaps not." He looked at me and winked. He then ran to the high wall and made an impossible mortal feet by literally running up it. When he could no longer perform that, he jumped back to a hanging ceiling vine and climbed it. I gapped at his abilities. No mortal man could ever perform this task. From the vine he still couldn't quite reach the perch but there was a ledge, so he swung the vine until he found his momentum and jumped a leap of faith to the ledge. I feared his death if his missed to ledge, but the obvious thud and groaned from his told me he had managed to make it, so I could now open my eyes to see. With the upper body strength of a man who performed hard labor, he moved across the ledge using only the strength of his arms and hands. He was amazing, he was daring… he was nuts, but it made him all the more appealing.

And now he sat atop the perch with the bird on his hand, smiling down at me. I could see the sweat gleaming off his body. He was so high up it made me nervous.

"Please get down from there! You make me nervous!" I called to him. he called down his approval to me and proceeded back the way he came. Only he swung himself off from the vine and into a nearby tree, and from there he climb to the ground. "You are like some kind of animal, to be able to do that." I marveled at him while he used his shirt to dab at the sweat from his body.

"I have been called a monkey before." He joked. "Let me rest still, before we proceed back into the castle." We rested under the shade of the tree and there I began to call him by the nickname, Monkey.