Institutionalized Death

Another bomb gone off in Iraq, and the victims caught the front page:
the prize of sobbing relatives in a media charade.
The newspapers be my witness, they've all been exalted
– sullen eyes and listless frame –
paraded down the thoroughfare in coffins.

Who might be so cynical to think that
private armies and weapons contractors would dominate martial finances?;
decimated families seeking proper burials must be a lucrative business.
Their personas might denote a target,
but only a dupe wont see them for consumers:
mourning victims cradling an investment in their arms.

Another bomb gone off in Iraq, a mere official banality;
an incident left to be staled with the casualties that it won.
Society has made to sure to avoid
embroidering the aftermath of death:
bombs in Iraq never stole lives, but rather created caskets.