About this story: This is the third book in the Woman's World series. This book and the second book have been removed from Fictionpress because I have been signed with the Bradford Literary Agency and am now actively seeking publication. I am keeping up this one info chapter mainly so I can preserve the reviews from all my lovely fans throughout the years.

To new readers: Most of my new readers now come on recommendations from my old readers, and I'm sorry you won't be able to read this story in full until publication, but I want to thank you for your interest. I invite you to visit my website, which can be found on my user profile, to keep up with the publishing status of this book and get information on some other fun things going on (sometimes I have prizes or guest blogs from other published authors).

To old readers (you know who you are): Thank you so much to everyone who has been a faithful reader all these years. You brought me this far, and now I'm going forward on my own to make this dream a reality. I miss you guys; I wish I could still ask your opinion on every rewritten chapter and change to the original plot. Please check in every now and then to say hello. :-)