Fictionpress Blog: Let the Words Flow

Hello everyone,

ANTEBELLUM has not yet sold to a publisher, but we're very close! In the mean time, I have some exciting news about a project I'm sure you will all love: A blog by some of your favorite and most popular Fictionpress writers!

Let the Words Flow (letthewordsflow dot wordpress dot com) is a blog collaboration by Sarah J. Maas (sjmaas), Alexandra Shostak (frozeninmotion), J. E. Wyatt (jewyatt), Lynn Heitcamp (poohba), Mandy Hubbard (mandyhubbard), Rachel Simon (bringmayflowers), and Renee Carter (penink). Most of us have agents, or are in the process of querying. Some of us are even published! We will use the blog to talk about Fictionpress, writing issues, most-excellent news, advice articles, and Question of the Week shorts. We're here to offer advice on getting an agent, describe our journeys through the publishing process, and the best part? We're still looking for contributors!

If you are beginning to query agents, have an agent, or are published, please send us a message if you want to become a contributor. This blog is going to be kick-ass, and I'm so excited to be talking to the Fictionpress audience again. I miss you guys :-)

PS: I'm writing some awesome (if I say so myself) articles on inspiration and the novel-writing process, and the other ladies have some great stuff queued up as well, so please stop by and check out the blog.

PPS: Have you visited my website? I have an awesomely beautiful website that has details about Antebellum and my other stories, as well as my blog where I update you on stuff that's happening to it! You can visit the website in my profile, or go to savannahjfoley dot com.

You guys are the best,


Copy 'N Paste Review:

Dear Savannah,

Why are you not selling Antebellum already?! You can only keep us in suspense for so long! Also, I will come by and check out Let The Words Flow, but only because I want to, not because you asked me!

-Reviewer X