The Magic Of Stars / Faith In You

As I lean against the frozen window this sleepless night,
Screams of horror replay over and over in my mind,
Eventually making my ability to hear burst into flames
And causing a billion drops of sorrow to inundate my sight.

I may no longer be able to see or hear the bright stars
That were attempting to swallow the melanic sky outside
And melt the barricades confining me to this odious place,
But, I can now feel them illuminating my shy heart.

They've borrowed my drops of sorrow to extinguish the flames,
Leaving a swirl of magic power pulsing through my mind
That urges me to follow my heart's secret dream
Of discovering untouched and flawless worlds.

They've also decorated my heart with love, kindness and happiness,
Painted a blue sky, sparkling sea and warm sun around me,
And, have whispered so gently into my ear "We have faith in you",
Which has made me smile and feel so important.

So now, as my heart unfolds its wings and lifts me up into the sky
To fly away across the ocean with the sun acting as a light on my journey,
I feel so confident that I can make it, however, the stars follow me closely,
Preparing themselves to sprinkle more magic on me if necessary...

Authors Note: This poem doesn't necessarily have to be a friendship poem. Sorry, I had to post this again. I posted the wrong version before.