This poem was written by my amazing boyfriend Dustin. I adore his poetry. Soooo romantic. ::love::

Heaven One Last Time

I know that the day of darkness comes near,

And I dont know what to do anymore.

There is no turning back now.

I dont know if the darkness will consume me,

Or let me be able to love her like I do love her.

The love is great;

But the past has scarred my soul.

The darkness that was in my heart might come back,

But it should not come back;

For her and me hold hands walking in the dark.

And our love lights the path.

But the heartache I have to deal with is painful,

For the pain of love is great and does stop your heart;

But the love is still great.

And the love stays to light the dark path of you and the one you love,

Walk and you still see the angels crying the tears of blood love.

Love so deep not even the the gates of heaven can stop our love.

The love for someone that kills you,

And when it kills you it drains the faith that lights the dark path.

And the heart of darkness hoping to find you once again,

But yet it cant find you for it is lost in our love.

Our love is the brilliant love of the darkness.

We both have shattered through the hearts of darkness;

And our inner dark is gone;

And our inner love now comes out of our soul,

While the angels cry,

And sing the serpents song.

But while they sing the song I bury the truth into your arms,

And try to tame our burning hearts within the darkness.

Our love shines.

It shines the path in the dark,

And takes us through the dark path of our hearts to the light of our love.

For our love is like heaven,

And it always will be.

For our love is true and pure;

Dont be afraid for our love is pure and true.

Our souls were the emptiness,

It makes me feel safe to feel your breath against my neck once again.

Now our hearts are free from the dark chains that held them,

And the angels drown in the tears they cried,

The bloodly tears.

They drown while we bleed,

The blood of love for it is pain.

But the pain is love,

So we cant stop it.

And while we bleed,

You and me walk off into the light.

For our love has found the door out of the darkness to the heavens.

For one last time I feel your breath on my neck,

And yet we die at the gates of heaven.

Our love never got consumed by the darkness,

But it did by the light.

For light also has a dark side to it....