The passionate sounds of saltwater rain
Echo as it pours down from melancholic clouds
As the whole world mourns the death of sons and daughters
And the sounds of blood dripping resonate in the silence
Between tears

That terrible silence that echoes
Between gunshots
And drops of rain
Between heartbeats
And lifetimes
Between generations
And Gravestones

The towering, grey, stained mile markers of mankind
Forged from greed, hate, vengeance, lust, and all humanity's other failings
In the darkness of the mind's twilight they stand stark and white
Our ancestor's tombs reflect our children's futures

And so I wonder
How many miles did we travel today?
How much closer are we to our end?
How much more has fallen into silence?

For silence seeps into the unseen places
In a world of lies and meaningless things
Small, broken hands lay unseen in darkness
While small smiles and broken souls
Are framed in gold and set upon hollow thrones
The anthem of mankind is footsteps upon crunching bones

And so I wander
How many horrors have passed before my eyes?
How much closer am I to the threshold of oblivion?
How much longer until my life is consumed by silence?

The Eulogy of Orphans
Is a lonely mother's tears
Rain falling softly at funerals

8:52 pm