The Sign of the Devil

The Sign of the Devil is simple yet apparent, striking fear into all that sees it;

Who else would want

A 666 emblazened on their hotel door, or worse, a 999 that falls on its hinges?

That is why there is no 13th floor, in a hotel with the Sign apparent.

That is why the 14th floor is more guilty than it is comparent.

Tales of misfortune and trickery have appeared

Over the many course of years I hear,

And although many are false and rot,

Some are genuine and and can cause despair and distraught.

Take the Man in the Green Hood, for example,

A Man with a hood so long it tramples

The cobblestone floor of the 16th century roads.

In wake of a fear of another Devil's Plague, the villagers frantically retaliate.

They burn houses and take no one alive,

And the only time this incident is certain

Is when the Man in the Green Hood takes a stride.

He bumbles, he clunks, he howls, he grunts,

Defeat is inevitable

When the Green Hood is out.

That legend is still here today, among many villages present,

In old Europe, the villagers cry, surely the Devil was involved.

Legends of the old have caused strike and grief,

But none can beat the notorious, the Man of Mischief.

He prowls around, waiting for someone to mistep

The brilliant trap he made, the unlucky victim will test.

The poor souls' souls are put mightily to rest

And the tormented screams are heard, throughout the night's crest.

If you still don't believe me, and scoff in my face,

Then continue reading, I dare, in the night, in the dark...

If you believe me and ready to stop,

Be wary of the Men of Silence, for they are worse than crop.

All this goes back to the Devil, if you may,

The 666, The 13, the 42, I say.

If you happen to come cross a wolf at night,

or a man with an inseperable grin on his face,

Or a man with unusual green hood,

Then run your heart out,

Help others in despair.

Either you perish, Or the innocent die. It's all up to you, and do not lie.

Elsewhere there will be someone,

New to this scheme,

Dangerous than ever,

Icarus is his name.

Shadows are wary of this horrible beast, However,

No Man has ever withstood the power of his might.

Ere to he shall die of painful fright.

And if he shall defeat Icarus by chance,

Rare curse, he will receive by trance.

Pain, Hell's protector, will torture him mercilessly,

Regret will come forcifully to the man.

Evil, Hell's substance, will then put him to despair,

Perhaps the man should've had something to wear.

Alas, the man will meet the Devil himself,

Rare anguish shall pass through his heart,

Eternal suffering will await this man's part.

Finally, Satan puts him to rest, But only for a moment, For the man has a desperate task ahead:
Open the rock of a Thousand Screams,

Roll it up a hill twice the size of Everest,

Tame it with a lowly whip,

Heave the molten rock onto a wooden wheelbarrow.

Eft it forth till the rock cools down,

Water it with flames,

Or water it with Evil,

Rock it back and forth,

Send it to the Earth above,

Then wait for another bystander to see the sign and plummet to Pain below.

That is the end of the story,

For the poor soul in the flames,

He will never finish the task,

Nor finish the Devil's games.

What is Icarus, do you ask?
Icarus is the pale name

For which they give the substance

Used to rub the blatant rock.

Whoever notices it will plummet to the underworld below,

For they have seen the Sign, and would now know,

Of the Devil's intent on bringing every mortal to slavery,

To work for him, to bring the end to the Divine.

There is a way to stop this, and I will tell you how.

Do not underestimate the Sign of the Devil,

Do not overestimate the Sign of the Devil,

Always belive in God and Heaven,

For Our Lord will provide us with the best,

And may our souls rest in peace,

After we have passed one final test...